Sunday, March 2, 2008

Top 10 reasons we take the back roads versus the interstate

10. You get to play games like Name that Crop and Count the Above Ground Swimming Pools.

9. You experience the smell of many controlled brush fires.

8. When you gotta go and there is no stop in sight for miles you get to create your own outhouse.

7. Seeing the old farm houses and churches.

6. Seeing the billboards for the churches and getting the scoop on uncoming events such as the Revival in Tuckerman. In the words of Shane, "You gotta love the scheduled revival!!!"

5. When hunger strikes you have the choice of stopping at a Town & Country grocery store or a gas station.

4. When we get ready to buy a black angus cow or a llama we now have a name & number of a guy who sells them.

3. Likewise, when we get ready to buy a pick-up we know the exact make, model and color we'll choose.

2. Our family is well educated about the differences between excavators, combines and the classic John Deere.

1. You get to listen to country music to make the trip complete. When a new song comes on like International Harvester, you know exactly what the guy is singing about. Here are the lyrics to one of the funniest songs we've enjoyed in awhile.

I’m the son of a 3rd generation farmer

I’ve been married 10 years to the farmer’s daughter

I’m a God fearin’ hard workin’ combine driver

Hoggin’ up the road on my p-p-p-p-plower

Chug a lug a luggin’ 5 miles an hour

On my International Harvester

Three miles of cars layin’ on their horns

Fallin’ on deaf ears of corn

Lined up behind me like a big parade

Of late to work road raged jerks

Shoutin’ obscene words flippin’ me the bird

Well you may be on a state paved road

But that blacktop runs through my payload

Excuse me for tryin’ to do my job

But this year ain’t been no bumper crop

If you don’t like the way I’m a drivin’

Get back on the interstate

Otherwise sit tight and be nice

And quit yer honkin’ at me

Well I know you got your own deadlines

But cussin’ me ain’t savin’ no time hoss

This big-wheeled wide load ain’t goin’ any faster

So just smile and wave and tip your hat

To the man up on the tractor

Funny stuff and nice use of the word hoss. We love the line about lining up behind me like a parade.And it tickles the boys to death when a John Deere driver waves back. Oh my. Shane's mom retired this weekend so we went to surprise her and had a really great time! It was a great trip!

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Stuart Fam said...

Cute Post! I just love country music lyrics...nothing as real as those! I can't wait to hear about your trip!