Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Allergy Season To You & Yours

I trust the beginning of this allergy season is blessing you with all the proper ailments that it was meant to.

I pray the 3 million Bradford Pears and the 10.2 million crepe myrtles are in full bloom on your street, and that your local grocer has taken the liberty of lining their drive with the blooming trees.

I'd like to thank the Arbor Club for all the new stuff they planted last year. I'd like to thank the Future Farmers of America for any contributions they made to the foliage industry. Garden Club Members- Bless you! I'd like to thank the Academy, too many names to name but you know who you are.

I pray you are surrounded with good enough friends who can be honest with you when you have tissue fuzz on your nose as that can prove to be as embarrassing as your little angel's number getting put on the big screen at church and having to take the walk of shame.

My hope is that Benadryl will produce a drug induced relaxed, sleepy state on your child, unlike last year when it made them turn into JoJo the Monkey boy and they swung from the chandeliers for 3 days straight.

I hope you have found the proper exfoliater, moisturizer and under eye cream. I want you to have the same happy glow on your face as the lady frolicking through fields of Wildflowers on the Charitin D Commercial does.

From our family to yours, many Bless You's & Achoos,


Stuart Fam said...

what a riot! My Mom will love this!

Savannah B said...

Really, Anna, you have to take this show on the road.

The kleenex beside me aren't for my inevitably dripping nose, they are to wipe away my tears of laughter ANYTIME I read your blog.

: )

7TimeChampion said...

There should be a holiday for this...I am surprised Halmark hasn't thought of it.

Sarah said...

Zyrtec. Buy it. Now available at your friendly Wal-Mart store. It's a miracle drug.