Monday, March 24, 2008

Why didn't anyone tell me?

You know the situation. You are driving peacefully down the interstate mindin' your own business when you approach the truck with the big yellow sign on the tail gate reading, "WIDE LOAD." Then, a few seconds later you pass the double wide.

OK Friends, let's be real. Noone told me what my Easter outfit looked like. Someone at church commented on how you can really tell I'm pregnant these days, but they didn't actually tell me what I needed to hear. One rule of thumb during pregnancy is that your shirt needs to be long enough to cover your ever growing rear end. Just being honest here.

I about died when I saw the pictures Shane took of me yesterday. Here's a little sample of what I'm talkin' about. I wish I could give you a sample of the Strawberry Roll that is on my plate.


Jenny said...

You're such a nerd!! I thought you looked adorable but could that be because we're both in the 8 month pregnancy boat:)

SKeifer said...

Don't you dare say that! You look beautiful! Hope you're feeling all right!

Tricia said...

Girl, please... you look good! And I think I will have to get the recipe for that cake that calls for the butter and chocolate chips!

The girls had fun, but the egg dying was a mess - a big mess. That magic eraser came in quite handy. You shouldn't worry - I think you've got quite a bit going on to be worried about Easter egg dying!

I'm glad you're getting all organized - sounds like your family is wonderful! Help with things like that is such a blessing!

I am so anxious to hear whether this baby is a boy or girl!