Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from two little Spidermen to YOU!!!

These pumpkins were Harvested in August from our backyard Pumpkin Patch!!!

Daddy, Nana and Moose picking Moose's first pumpkin of the year-in August...

Luke & Papa picking SP's first pumpkin of the year, after we picked these, we moved to the far right of the garden and picked a watermelon, because all the heat and hard work made us hungry. Actually we had to wait for the watermelon to chill, so we had ice cream with Oreo cookies mixed in to cool off.

Grandma and the boys coloring and carving Pumpkins in Missouri, the week of the Rodeo!!

The finished product, black marker on Reed's face, and the most lovely pumpkin I've ever laid eyes on.
This was our second year to plant a garden. Shane's prized pumpkin patch started producing like crazy in August. We had pumpkins everywhere. While most of you were at the pool or grilling out, we were decorated for Fall in the heat of summer. Shane had dreams of letting all the kids come over and pick pumpkins. We went in the backyard and admired the pumpkins almost every day. Then, after a couple of weeks in Missouri, the unthinkable happened. We returned and found bugs had infested the pumpkins. With great sadness in our hearts, Shane had to take out the pumpkins. This is our first time to talk about this publicly. I hope you get lots of good candy today. The people on the news suggested last night that you could give out pencils or stickers to children. Do they hate kids? What is happening to the world? Luckily tommorow we get to begin decorating for Christmas, grin!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Apron Giveaway

Go to this website, and click on Heavenly Hostess. Leave a comment on your favorite apron and be entered to win a FREE apron, they are so adorable you'll probably have to take up cooking if you don't allready. Good Luck!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Do you like Pottery Barn Spring or Fall?

My parents built a house two years ago. They have let me help them with picking out details along the way and it has been very fun. The newest project is repainting the Master bedroom and picking out window coverings. They are really getting into the spirit of things. Even went to the library and checked out some awesome decorating books. And of course, the Sherwin Williams paint wheel, which is always fun to sift through. Colors like Blonde, Svelte Sage, Tea Chest, & Mushroom are among my all time faves.

Along with my parents decorating a room, I have been browsing the Classifieds for houses for sell. Let me just say that houses in my town can be so cookie cutter. We totally live in a 1200 sq.ft cookie cutter, in an awesome neighborhood, surrounded by really nice neighborhoods, so I am not complaining. When I think about bringing a baby home to our house it makes me laugh. The baby in and of itself will not take up too much room, but the entourage that comes along with the baby is what has me window shopping for new houses. So far, nothing is worth moving for.

Several times a year Pottery Barn comes out with the newest catalog which is an invaluable resource for getting decorating ideas. They even have paint colors available at Benjamin Moore. I want to design a quaint neighborhood with minimal if any brick on the houses. An old-fashioned feel with lots of ivy, wisteria, and trees (not bradford pears or crepe myrtles either, they are the token trees and bushes in my town. i'm not harshing on them, i have a nice red crepe myrtle in my yard we just planted last season, i'm just talking about my dream street). Personally, I would like either a yellow house with lots of white trim or a white house, navy shutters and a red door. Lots and lots and lots of windows everywhere, with a very spacious open floor plan in the living/kitchen/dining area. Arched doorways going from room to room. Picket fences and black lamp posts with large white globes instead of a tall silver post with a yellow light in it. My friend Heather has redecorated her kitchen with white subway tiles, and they are awesome looking, so I would have those in the kitchen with lots of white cabinets. A 4b/2b plan, and of course, a wood-burning fire place. Lots of white and cottage charm.

So, I like Pottery Barn Spring, with all the minimal furnishings, and light airy feels. What do you like best?!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Heater Smell

I promise this is not a meterology blog, but the temps have dropped like 30 degrees over the last few days. We turned on the heater for the first time last night, and that first use of the year smell filled the house off and on during the night. We had the air on the day before and it seems there is something not right about using the heat the next day, but here's the deal. I'm sick, and miserable feeling most of the time, so I did not want to add FREEZING cold to my list of current ailments.

We also broke out the fuzzy, red, footed sleepers for the boys last night. I cannot tell you the insane amount of joy that filled my heart to see the boys in their winter pj's, mmmm!! Speaking of joyful things, the colder weather has given me the hankering to load the boys up, and drive down to Wal-Mart and buy us all three a pair of sweat suits...Not a cute Adidas windsuit with plaid lining either. The kind that comes in an array of colors, the kind that would get you sent to Stacy and Clinton's Office in a heartbeat, the kind you wore proudly in the 80's with your Ked's, the kind with that awesome fuzzy lining. I don't know if i'll go through with it, but if I do, I will promise that I won't be seen around town in it, and it will be strictly worn around the house.

Monday, October 22, 2007

It is finally looking like FALL!

It is a rainy day today with a high of 60 outside. All the neighbors have pumpkins on their porches! Someone even left an awesome pumpkin on our front porch last night! My mamaw came last week with some fall decorations for the boys to put outside. We have a few pumpkins and some wind socks (which I was thrilled about since they go so well with the decor I'm trying to achieve :)!!) But, the boys think they are cool.

Since I am pregnant, and have been really sick, I haven't been out much in the last 2 months, and I sure haven't felt like talking on the phone. That is why I wanted to give the blog a try. It seems like such a fun thing to do. I made some homeade cinnamon rolls this afternoon, which are now in the oven baking for us to have for snack when the boys wake up. The recipe is kind of make up-I thawed out a loaf of frozen Rhode's dough, and rolled it out, topped it with softened butter, sugar and cinnamon, then rolled it up and cut it into 12 rolls. We'll see how the invention works!

By the way, I guess wind sock is the right name for the 2 beauties hanging from our lights by the garage. They feel like tent material, one is orange, one is green, and they have long strings that blow in the wind hanging from them. And of course, a picture of a pumkin and a scarecrow adorn each one.

I will get some pictures up...that will be a challenge but I am up for it! When we go to functions, such as the pumpkin patch, and all the other mothers bust out their gi-normous cameras with lenses the size of Texas, I am the mom who either forgot her's or who grabbed a FunSaver on the way out the door! Sue me.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My First Blog!

I have several friends who have blogs and I just LOVE looking at them! It is such a fun way to keep in touch, especially since lots of my friends have moved to India, Georgia and Fayetteville! It is a little intimidating starting this, so we'll see how it goes!