Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crumb Nazi

I think I have an unhealthy obsession with keeping the kitchen floor clean. I am wanting to mop every single day almost. I hate to have crumbs of any sort on the floor. I got a new mop, a Libman but a different brand. It rings out really nicely and I don't have to bend down. So, last night I was walking through the kitchen and was like, man, what the phat is all over the floor. Shane pipes up, oh yeah, there is a slight possibility I spilled salt and forgot to clean it up. Oh well, at least my feet got exfoliated.

I have started trying to do a load of laundry every night and getting it switched to the dryer so the next morning (or 2-3 days later) I can get it out and put it away. It's nice to be staying caught up on the laundry. Or trying too anyway.

Yesterday Shane and the boys brought me breakfast in bed. Chocolate Chip Pancakes, fresh pineapple and oranges, and coffee with French Vanilla cream. It was nice.

I signed up for http://www.freecycle.org/. My DH tried to sign up but got denied. heehee. Why is it funny to me that he got denied? He thinks it is funny too though.

We have started working Sudoku puzzles and are both loving them. They are really fun. Next thing you know we'll be investing in matching recliners.

Why the heck is DST making me stay up until 1 & 2 am??!?! I cannot get to sleep at a reasonable time the last few nights and it is annoying. The weather is awesome though-open windows are the best. OK, mass meyham (sp?) has broken out while I've been on the computer. My duvet is in the hallway floor and there is talk that the superheroes have taken the sheets of my MADE BED to walk on. Please say it ain't so....

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The Uptons said...

Thanks for posting a comment...yes, I took they bw photos of the babies. a lucky day of shooting i guess. Chad enrolled me in a photography class for christmas last year (which i loved and learned a lot). now i just need the souped up camera to go with! i love your blog...were you an english major...i like the way you write! hilarious and btw... if you are out of crumbs and need a fix, i am right down the street!