Monday, March 3, 2008

A Rainy Monday

This morning I asked SP what he wants to plant in the garden this year. His reply, "Mud!"

Moose was singing the last of the ABC's and it came out, "W,X,8,9"

We are scheduling a C-Section for the end of April!

Speaking of the baby, I am getting winded all the time. This morning I was putting on mascara (sitting down mind you) and Shane was talking to me. He said, Are you still there? I said yes, sorry, I just can't breathe!

Are Thin Mints really that insanely good, or is it just the fact that you only get them once a year that makes them seem like they are better than the Keebler Grasshopper cookies?

I'm concerned about a few more things. It is March 3 and we've killed like 5 spiders in the last 2 days. This is NOT a good sign. I'm also concerned that we have no heat on, it is 7o degrees in the house, and we're getting 1-3 inches of snow tonight. How I ask? Maybe bread & milk sales are down, so distributors paid the meteorologists to lie.

We are potty training again (we as in Moose-not that there was any confusion I'm just sayin'). I bet this is at least the 3rd time we've started this process. Unless I get too tired I have a good feeling about this time around.

I've got to go for now-this weather is calling for homeade chocolate chip cookies and I need to get the butter out of the freezer. Bye for now.


Jenny said...

Did you have a c-section with both of your boys??

Yea, isn't this weather CRAZY?

Tricia said...

Well, good luck with Reed this round! I know all about the potty training "rounds". Hope it goes well!

And YES, it is not your imagination, the thin mints are indeed just that good, and the "once a year" thing only makes them better. Kebbler Grasshoppers cannot even compare!

My second pregnancy I was "winded" so bad, I could hardly walk sometimes! On top of the whole already overweight, plus baby in my lungs thing, I have asthma... I had an inhaler in my hand everywhere I went. People were always looking "concerned". HA!

Have you had a C-section before?? I've had three... and since I'm a huge whimp when it comes to pain and anything related to "pushing," I think they're the way to go! HA!

Jennifer said...

So how many weeks will you be when you have the c-section?

I understand what you mean about being winded just putting on mascara. Lately getting dressed in the morning is an aerobic workout. All of a sudden my pulse will be racing like my heart's going to explode, and I think, "Good grief, all I did was put my shirt on!"

Sambo said...

C-section for the end of April! Yay so there will be a baby at your house when I get home from school the first week of May!

I will be home for Spring Break in less than two weeks and I am excited to see y'all!

Nat said...

Well- have skywalker and superman been out in the snow yet? It is fading fast!

Stuart Fam said...

1. Yes, girl scout thin mints are the best cookie in the universe.
2. The meteorologist did not lie! Yeah for snow in March...better late than never!
3. Maybe even I could grow mud in my garden...good thinkin', Luke!