Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Naptime Conversations

  • SP: Where does Mamaw sleep?
  • Me: In her bedroom.
  • SP: Does her sleep by the kitchen?
  • Me: Yes.
  • SP (right now as I am typing): Mom you are big.
  • SP: Where does Aunt Linda sleep?
  • Me: In the bedroom with the piano.
  • SP: Why Mamaw sweeps in the bedroom by the kitchen?
  • Me: Because she loves her Orange Juice and doesn't want anyone to get into it while she's sleeping.
  • SP: I wike her Orange Juice too, it's nice & fresh. (thanks Nana, your fresh fettish is being handed down through the generations!)


Nanna said...

Hey Baby - just doing what I can to help you guys out!!! Ya love me doncha????!!!

Mama Nana

Sambo said...

haha precious

Stuart Fam said...

I love sweet ramblings of chitlins!

Jenny said...

how sweet:)

Nat said...

Okay- this is hilarious! Luke has heard, one too many times, that Nana can make him a FRESH turkey sandwich, a FRESH glass of milk, or a FRESH glass of O.J.! And you laugh at my oddities! Love ya- Neddie