Sunday, March 16, 2008

Old Friends, New Friends

Good Friends!

We had a very fun week of playing and enjoying the sunshine! Becke' took these pictures of the kids and their new little friends! God has blessed us with the BEST friends anyone could ask for! Here is a rundown of all the fun things we got to do with friends this week:
  • Wednesday: Park play day with girls from church and their kiddos! It is cute to see the boys with their new little friendships they are developing. First sunburns of the year!
  • Thursday: Jennifer & I went to Becke's for Taco Salads and the boys played! Hard! And we sat in the sunroom trying to stay awake, because the breeze was blowing through the room, and it was a perfect lazy Spring day, even though technically I guess we are still in summer! Scratch that, it is winter right now! (I need to go to sleep!)
  • Friday: Lunch at Chick-fil-A with Lanette, one of my best friends who was in from Tennessee! My kids and her kids got to play together and it was so cute! It is fun for my kids to be playing with my friends kids. THEN, friday night, I went out with Becke' & Michelle. Yep, you read right, just the girls! We ate at P.F. Changs, went to the Container Store, and then went to a coffee shop. I got a Raspberry Steamer & Cream Cheese Brownie. I am proud to say that we stayed up until 11pm!
  • Saturday: Jewelry show at Becke's! Birthday party for Logan! Birthday party for William!
  • Sunday: Shopping with the boys and Mamaw for Easter outfits. Lunch @ Taco Bueno!!! Then tonight I got to talk to Emily for over an hour! She is funny. You should meet her.
I'm so thankful for all my good buddies. From India to Atlanta, Fayetteville, Tennessee, Virginia & Texas and those that are 5 minutes away, I've been blessed with some great ones!


Anonymous said...

How did you copy the pics like that? Cool!

The Uptons said...

We had fun Wednesday too, glad we could do it and need to do it more! I'll bring the sunscreen!