Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Let it Snow!

Well, I am shocked and shagrinned! It did snow! The boys stood at the window this morning shouting, "Wet it Snow, Wet it Snow, Wet it snow (aka Let it Snow!!!)"

It was such fun! Our neighbors Amy & Kaitlyn joined us for the play day. We played snowball baseball, made snow angels, had snowball fights, and made a snowman. After we came in I let the boys take a warm bath to warm back up. They were so red on their little legs, hands and faces! I made a loaf of bread and chocolate chip cookies and it smelled really good!

Of course now the snow is all gone, I'm glad we are not daysleepers or we would have missed it!


David said...

So Shane really does work only 1 day a week. I knew it.

Stuart Fam said...

These are great pics! I love the ones of Luke and Reed (individual) where you use the rule of thirds! Cool! My favorite is of you and your home boy! Shane will never grow up, will he? That's OK, life will always be fun! Thanks for the comment on my lipstick...you would know the shade! :) Eric said it might snow again Thursday night! Crazy, huh?

Jenny said...

I love the snowman's arms:) He's like your own security system in the yard, ready to laser someone!!!

Tricia said...

Good, you figured out the playlist thing. :-)

Adorable pictures. Those boys are precious! Mine played outside for maybe five minutes, and decided it was too cold!

Sambo said...

Wow I love all of the pictures - I saw a bunch on Shane's facebook.

The boys look so grown-up! Reed especially looks like he has shot up since I was home for Christmas break.

Your family is so wonderful