Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wal-Mart is Closed? Why Mom?

Christmas night we drove around Missouri to look at the light displays. We passed a Wal-Mart and I said, look boys, this is a sight you will only see once a year, Wal-Mart is closed. Why mom? Well, because today is Jesus' birthday. We passed another Wal-Mart a little later on that night, and we said look, it's closed too. SP said, "Yeah, because it's God's birthday today." On the way back home to Arkansas the next day we passed by a Wal-Mart and we said look boys, Wal-Mart is opened again today! SP replied, "Yeah, it's not God birthday today." Then he sang, "Happy Birthday to God Yesterday!!!" The End.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Three Wise Men

The other night at dinner Stinky Pete said, "Hey Mom, I gotta show ya somethin'!!" He pulled down the picture he colored at church (with hot pink marker of course!) and it was the three wise men. He said, "This one has meat, this one has soup, and this one has money!" Just making sure the world knows, they took soup, meat and money to Mary, and when they delivered it they bowed like you would at the end of a Broadway production.

Yesterday we were browsing through Classic Touch, a local decorative store, and there were three wise men by the manger scene. Same story...Stinky Pete who is this? "Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus." And what do these people have? "They are the three wise men and this one has soup, this one has money, and this one has meat." Who knows?!!?!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Proverbs 32 Woman

Apparently I have been in sin this Christmas season. Shane heard a Prov 31 moment on the radio yesterday, and he told me what the lady with the perfect sounding voice giving the devotion said. She said that she found herself driving around critiquing the Christmas decorations, and found herself asking the question if that honors God. Then she went on to say how God created us all unique and we should be able accept others, even their decorations. I just don't know what to say. I guess I'm glad I drove by a house where the people put one lit candy cane in their yard, I'm glad they decided to spread the Christmas cheer. The people whose house I have to wear my sunglasses as I drive by, Yeah for you! Call me a Prov 32 woman if you need too, think bad of me, but there is something really fun being the Christmas light police. Mostly this post is just for fun, I appreciate the lights tacky and good. For some reason though, spiritualizing Christmas decorating opinions made me want to put bad decorations in my yard and call it a day. And some people really do need help-did I say that out loud?

Monday, December 17, 2007


If there are two words to describe the presents Shane and I wrapped last night, they are Ghetto-Fabulous. Is it bad that when you look at the package you wander if it was wrapped in Scotch tape or wrapping paper? At age 31, I have accepted the fact that I am wrapping paper challenged. Last year was the closet I came to Martha approved wrapping-we used brown craft paper and tied each package with Raffia bows or satin ribbon. They had a nice simple charm to them. This year however, not so much. Apparently the wrapping paper I bought after Christmas last year is flimsier than our one-ply toilet paper. Not to mention all the awkward shaped toys that blondie should've thought to ask for boxes for, but didn't think of it until last night. My friend Becke' has the most precious black paper with white polka dots, and there are also red and white gingham wrapped gifts, perfectly coordinated and wonderful. I can't wait until Christmas with my extended mom and sister will also like Becke' have exquisitely wrapped gifts with bobbles hanging from the handmade bows, and here will come Santa Claus right down chimney lane carrying loads of Ghetto-Fabulous gifts for the loved ones, complete with individual Swiss Army Knives to unwrap the beasts!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sam's Club

I am looking for advice on joining Sam's. I want to know anyone's input on whether you think it is a good deal or not, and if so, what type of things you purchase from Sam's.

When we were newlyweds we got a membership and got to shopping. I needed flour, and so clearly the 20 pound bag at Sam's seemed like the logical choice. Three years later, when I had barely made a dent in the first 10 pound bag, I realized the error of my ways.

The best benefit I know of is an $ .87 coke and free sample lunch on Saturdays, but I'll take any input anyone has to offer.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fancy Sheets

For my birthday I used a gift card and bought a pair of 400 thread count, white damask stripe sheets. We used them last night and they are so amazing and pretty. Oversized and tucked nicely on all edges of the bed. They have that fancy hotel feel to them! I had some concern when I read the washing machine instructions and it said use the delicate cycle, tumble dry low, and STEAM IRON AS NECESSARY. Please tell me none of you iron your sheets. We're calling them the fancy sheets! I also got a beautiful white matalesse coverlet, but after some converstation with Shaney, I'm taking it back. Our house is very kid friendly, we live in our house, and don't have many off limits things for the boys. I'm afraid that if I used my pretty white coverlet I would stroke the first time red sticky hands left their mark on it and we just don't need that now do we?!! So, the white coverlet is going back, and I will get another someday. For now, our machine washable duvet will suit just fine. It has shrunk on the sides from 7 years of frequent washing (b/c of sticky little hands :), but the fancy sheets make me not care about that anymore. Yeah for nice sheets that smell like April Fresh Downy!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

One-Ply Toilet Paper-Ooops!

Shane accidentally bought one-ply tp at the store last time. It was really sad because I like nice toilet paper, but I was thankful that he was willing to do the grocery shopping so I'm not complaining! Being an optimist I always have to find something good about unfortunate circumstances that come our way, so here it is. The good news is, you NEVER have to change the roll. I'm not sure why, but one roll lasts forever. I'm not suggesting this is the corner to cut in your quest to be frugal, but just thought I'd share Scott one-ply is like the Energizer bunny-it just lasts and lasts! And it is safe for septic tanks. Although I have found a bright side to the tp that appears it will last us for the next 18 years, next time we will be back to Cottonelle. If there is a next time that is...

Sunday, December 2, 2007


  • stinky pete tried to call aunt neddie over thanksgiving and called the po-po instead. they called back and my dad assured them we were all ok.
  • i made horrible fun of stores opening at 4am the day after thanksgiving, and darn it if shane and i didn't get up at 3:45am and join the frenzy! we got toys for our boys, nieces and nephews. we have 6 family birthdays from nov-jan, so we got some bday gifts too. we found some great deals! there were 15 wii's in conway, and shane bought the 15th one for a friend!
  • i am 17 weeks pregnant. our doc appt last week showed that everything seems to be looking good. the baby is growing really great. we are very thankful since it has been raised on a diet of sprite, phenagren and zofran.
  • we are waiting until delivery to find out the sex of the baby. torture i know! there are so few things you can truly be surprised about in life, and that is just one thing that is a true fun surprise. people say, what if you have a girl?!! they obviously haven't met my family who would have a pink wardrobe washed and ready in 2 hours.
  • this morning i woke up and felt amazing. i even ate breakfast and it tasted SOOOO GOOD. i have never thanked God so much during a meal, it tasted so good and i was so thankful. for the curious reader, it was toasted beer bread ( with fried eggs. what a crazy meal, but oh so good! the gourmet brecky of champions.
  • since brecky was so good, we went to pizza inn after church. i'll admit i was somewhat embarrassed at the spread laid before me. picture it, 3 plates. one piled high with salad and banana peppers, one with supreme pizza no mushrooms, and one with spaghetti sauce to dip the pizza in. oh, and a glass of water with 2 lemons!
  • i took a prenatal vitamin last night!
  • moose is talking and says the most darling things. i am not used to a young 2 yr old being verbal since stinky pete was not that way, but he makes me laugh and laugh and i love him for it!
  • stinky pete is becoming so independent. he plays the wii, and is awesome at bowling. we had high school students over one night last week and my boy gave them a run for their money. when he wakes up he can come and watch tv by himself. it's a mixed emotion of joy and sadness at how he is growing up, it's happening too fast!