Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random Stuff

{Before I start this post, I just looked at the picture I posted of the boys in the previous post. Don't think I don't know what ya'll are all thinking when you look at SP. You didn't say it, but you are telling your loved ones I should feed the kid some Fiber One! The good news is we FINALLY ran out of the one-ply family pack of toilet paper and are back in 2 ply land! I'll repost the pic just to jog your memories in case you're not in the mood to scroll down}

{aren't these bracket looking things cool? i just noticed them on my keybooard. they are fun. you should try them out.}

So, this afternoon I sat down in my comfy chair to read my Bible and I'll be derned if the FedEx man didn't knock on my door with a new box of jewelry samples. I got the box and tried to not open it and do first things first. Well, you know how well that went over. I thought, I'll just open that one ring I got to make sure it fits. A plethora of gold boxes and a heart full of giddyness later I was Mr.T'd up and ready to read me some Matthew 14. I think it's the way God would have wanted it anyway.

Why do my kids insist on running around naked? Tonight my parents, mamaw and aunt came over for dinner. In no time flat, there the boys are almost naked as jaybirds shaking their little booty's. Sometimes it feels so redneck around our house, but honestly I wouldn't trade it.

Today when I vacuumed the vacuum cleaner started smoking. I dunno what that was about, but it seems like a fire hazard maybe?

Last night 2 of my friends and myself went to dinner with all 5 of our kids to cash in on the kids eat free promotion. The funny thing is we are all pregnant and I know we just looked crazy. None of our husbands were with us because they were all working. It was a sight to see.

Today Jennifer and I went to Becke's for a recipe swap. I copied all Paula Dean stuff down today-mostly desserts. I got so tickled. At one point it was so loud because all of our boys were running around being LOUD, wrestling, etc, and there us moms are at the table completely oblivious to the noise, leisurly copying recipes and flipping through cookbooks sipping Mai Tai's, or was it Diet Dr.Peppers? Yeah, I can't remember, but what happens at mid-day recipe swaps stays at mid-day recipes swaps.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wind Damage

Shingles blew off our roof because of the 50mph winds we had yesterday, but that's not all. You can see part of the fence that blew down in the background. Luckily a wintry mix is moving in tommorow, so the roof damage happened just in time. The roofer came today and put a nice bright blue tarp over this part of the roof, until they can come fix it for good.
This is part of our fence that is hanging on for dear life. See how it is leaning and the posts are starting to come out from the ground.
I don't know what this picture is about?! Yesterday when the crazy loud winds came through we were all napping. Before long, I had two little boys in bed with me asking what was happening. It was pretty scary sounding.
The fence literally fell down.
One minute it was leaning like in the first picture, the next it was flat on the ground. Yesterday the weather was crazy all around. The high was 76, and before the boys went down I told them we'd go outside and play when they woke up. Needless to say, when we woke up in Kansas we decided to choose life and stay inside. By last night around 6pm, the temp had dropped to the low 40's.

When Shane got home, SP said, "Dad, maybe you better get some glue and paint and fix that fence." He's been watching Bob the Builder so his problem solving skills are really developing as you can see :)!

Monday, January 28, 2008

I LOVE my job!

For so many reasons. It is my job as a jewelry lady to buy jewelry and to shop. I'm not necessarily a shopper, but I like to know what is out there and what is trendy for the season. I like that I don't always feel frumpy anymore. I absolutely adore the company I work for. Not once over the course of our training this weekend, or any training I've ever attended for that matter, did the leaders put emphasis for our business on selling a product. The emphasis is always on people, and making a difference in people's life. It's never about a bottom line.

I heard the funniest quote this weekend. Someone said if you can't loose it, decorate it. Since I'm weighing in at 178 these days, I'm taking that advice and decorating like crazy. Bracelets are my new found love. I love the way they jingle around, that is a great noise! We got a new chunky turquoise necklace in our new line that I can't wait to wear, and there is lots of matte silver. I love the matte gold or silver look, it seems classy to me.

One of my favorite things of the weekend was yesterday morning when one of my roomies and me had a quiet time together. We read Prov 26 together and talked through the verses. It was a very fun time!

Shane was sweet as always, keeping things running perfectly smoothly on the homefront while I was gone. He does the sweetest things to surprise me when I go on these trips. One time he rearranged all the guest beds in two of our rooms to create an office space for me to work. This time he had our carpets professionally cleaned. I can't even say how excited I was about that, it was a great surprise! I don't even mind confessing that I struggle with carpet envy on blogs. If you post a picture and you have good lookin' carpet, I always have to go repent :)!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So much to do, so little time...

I read that quote this week, the good is often enemy of the best. It's always a good reminder. It's the afternoon on the day before I am leaving for an out of town trip, and I can't figure out what the heck to be doing. I tried to lay down to rest, but of course couldn't, so I thought I'd get some computer work done real quick. We have Rally this weekend which means lots of fun training, NEW JEWELRY LINE!!!, amazing meals that I don't have to cook, a fancy hotel, and no diapers.

Last night I tried on clothes and let me tell you, my maternity clothes have me feeling very self conscious. I get to walk across stage and be recognized for a promotion I achieved and all I could think about as I looked in the mirror last night was how much I'm going to look like a big bolt of fabric from JoAnne's walking across that stage. It should be fun. Maternity shirts either make me look like I have on a half dress up top, or to go the fitted route makes me look like hooker barbie. Needless to say I go the tent dress route, hence, walking around looking like a bolt of fabric. These are special times! And special times call for more jewelry!

It looks like my afternoon agenda is going to be straighten the house, do some more laundry, pack a little and we have a play date tonight with my friends and the kids friends.

Every Spring I get the hankering for some change. This year it happened in January. I'm on my second week of a curly hair experiment and I'm loving it. I bought a book called the Curly Hair Guidebook and it's so fun. I made some Lavender Water to mist on my hair, it is supposed to have cleansing properties and rejuvenate your curls toward the end of the day, good stuff. When I was making it, Shane was like what the heck are you brewing up in the kitchen. The Lavender Essential Oil was making it smell very earthy :).

My other new experiment I'll be starting next week is the Coupon Game ( . Some girls at Bible Study are loving it and are saving lots of money. I'm leery of coupons and do not use them because I feel like they get you to buy stuff you ordinarily would not buy. But, for 4 weeks you can try the website for only $1. So, I'm going to give it a whirl. The nice thing is when you register it tells you the rock bottom prices at the stores you sign up for (Kroger, Walgreen's, Wal-Mart, etc) and when to make your purchases.

I hope ya'll have a great weekend and rest of the week! We went to the doc yesterday and all is looking good so that was exciting.

Monday, January 21, 2008

What I Love About My Fam

  • Shane is a huge servant and thoughtful person. Not just to me, but to everyone he knows. He'll do sweet things like clean the garage out so I can park in it and not have to defrost my windows, bring me a drink when I'm in the bedroom working on Bible Study, clean the house while I'm out running around, one time I had a friend in town and when we got back he had vacuumed new lines in the carpet (heaven!), turned on all my lamps because he knows I love good lighting, and had chocolate chip cookies in the oven for us to enjoy when we got home.
  • Shane is a GREAT Dad! The ultimate wrestler with the boys and they adore him. There is nothing Shane won't do for the boys and he takes the greatest care of them, even bathes and dresses them most of the time.
  • He is funny, especially when he pulls out his "A Game" material. It is great to have a house filled with humor and craziness.

Stinky Pete

  • SP is the most thoughtful, considerate 3 year old I've ever seen. If you come over and don't have a drink, he just thinks to ask you if you want one. If you don't have food he will ask you if you want some. I have not taught him to do this, it's just who he is. His 3 year old friend Chloe was leaving last week, and he helped her put on her coat, so cute.
  • SP is a social butterfly and has never met a stranger. He'll ask everyone what there name is. When he was only around 1 1/2, he'd stand at the end of the driveway and say Hi to every runner or walker that went by our house. Once he even invited a lady walking down the street to come to church with us.
  • You love to give hugs, pisses and high sives (hugs, kisses, high fives) to most anyone. It could be the mail lady, you'll give em' lovin'!


  • You are a strong little boy and you are a fighter, you have been since you were in my tummy. You had a rough ride and were a sick baby when you were born, staying an extra week at Hotel Conway Regional for extra care. Well, you bounced back and are a little bruiser and have earned the nickname Moose. That is because you could run full force into a brick wall, crack the wall, and throw your head back in a husky laugh as if to say, "I owned that wall!"
  • On the other hand, you are the cuddliest little thing with the squishy-est cheeks, you suck your thumb and sleep with your blanky. You come up and say, "Hold me!" Every morning by 5am, you have climbed into our bed for some snugglin' and it's so cute!
  • You are smart-you love books and puzzles. You get the most concerned look on your face when you're reading a book, so sweet. And you love to play and entertain yourself, all in all you are a little doll!!!

Baby #3

  • You are very active and seem like you like to play. Last night I noticed you got the hiccups and it was really fun. You also woke me up at 5am this morning and wouldn't let me go back to sleep until I got up, ate 3 double stuf Oreo's and had a glass of milk. You may have a sweet tooth, which is fine, but what about if you don't wake me up till 8am next time?! Deal or No Deal!?

Note: I don't ever want my blog to paint a picture that we have a perfect, all put together life. Sometimes when I read sweet things about other people, Satan can plant seeds of comparison or discontentment in my heart. I never want that to happen with my blog. I give God the praise for how far he's brought our family, and for the sweet season of life we are enjoying right now. It started out pretty hard, and now it seems like every year it is getting easier. He has been faithful to us to never leave us and to transform our stubborn hearts, and I am CRAZY about these boys I live with (and is there another girl among us, who knows!?!)! Anyway, they are 4 of my FAVORITE gifts from above!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bye Bye Ugly Shoes

A few years ago I went into Kohl's which is a store I normally don't enjoy shopping at, I don't know why I don't like shopping there, I just don't. However, that day I found a lovely pair of black slip on shoes for $3 or $4. I tried to tell myself the huge rubbery looking heals looked like a wedge, but I'm out of denial now and realize now that they were as orthopedic looking as anything you ever laid your eyes on.

Well, I flyladied them a couple weeks ago. And you know what happened? Friends and family gave shouts of joy and knew exactly what pair of black shoes I threw away (Becke' & Mom!). There is no telling how long they had prayed for me to see the fashion errors of my ways, they are the patient praying types, we'll just wait and see God work. God was teaching them his timing, because it took years for me to part with the black rubber monstrosities. And God was teaching me about the Footprints poem. OK, really I don't know what that poem is about. I just know it comes on Oak Plaquard's, always has a gold and opalescense background, and can be found in any elderly person's house somewhere.

My Mamaw Nicholson used to have a great plaquard hanging in her bathroom. It said, "If you sprinkle when you tinkle be a sweetie and wipe the seatie." I guess with 5 boys and 1 girl you have to have stuff like that hanging on your bathroom wall.

Goodbye shoes. You were so comfortable and I wanted to wear you today because it was cold.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Black Jack Widow

Shane got a Black Jack phone from his best friend for his birthday. I never noticed how pretty the top of his hair was, and how perfectly he has perfected his spiky short dew. He's completely loving his new gadget and it appears to be permanently attached to his right hand.

Last night at dinner I nearly died. Shane started singing about how he still loves technology, but not as much as you you see... Then he had a brilliant idea that is going to make us millions! He is going to try out for American Idol and sing, "I Still Love Technology," by Kip Dynamite.

When he makes it big, don't worry, we'll still say we knew you when...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Plum Wore Out

I know I already posted once today, but I just hopped on the computer for a little down time, and there is nothing going on in blog land. By 6pm tonight the boys were fed, bathed and in jimmers. It has been on of those draggy days for me. I've been super sleepy all week. Shane has worked late the last two nights, and it is just down right tiring to be on baby duty 24/7. I know lots of ya'll have hubbies who travel so you are right there with me on that one.

For a healthy pick me up snack this afternoon I had a bowl of Breyer's Choc/Straw/Vanilla ice cream and some potato chips. For dinner we had spaghetti and I added grated carrots to the sauce. I couldn't really even tell it was in there. Several friends have mentioned Jerry Seinfeld's wife who has written a book on sneaking veggies into your meals. I may check it out. Now I'm trying to get motivated to straighten up the house before Shane gets home so it will be nice for him, but really I just want to watch While You Were Sleeping and eat another bowl of ice cream.

If anyone wants to join me tomorrow at 10:30, we can meet at the library for story time, aka "bring our wild boys and get kicked out mid-story time". It always proves to be an entertaining and humbling time. That's it, it's ice cream time. Shane's nutritionist said try to eat before 7pm, so I gotta make it snappy.

Bible Study!!!

Today the boys and I started back at BSF and it was AWESOME to be back!!! I bribed the boys with chocolate chips to get them pryed off my leg and into their classes. I need to remember to wear a tube top next time even though it's 14 degrees outside, because by the time I wrangle them out of the car and into their rooms and off my legs, I am one hot mama (not the cute kind, the overheated kind).

We got into the car after and I asked the boys what they learned at church. Moose just looked at me like huh?!?! But Stinky Pete said, "We not at church, we at Bible Study Fellowship Mom!!!" I said, "You are right, so what did you learn at Bible Study Fellowship?" SP said, " I went into my class and got God in my heart!!!" At lunch, we told Nana that story and Nana asked how it felt to get God in your heart. SP said, "Comfortable!" How sweet is that?!?!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Birthday Asphyxiation

Definition of Birthday Asphyxia: a condition of severely deficient supply of oxygen to the body that arises from being unable to breathe normally.

Also known as what happened on our way home from dinner tonight. Tonight was one of those perfect nights that come along once in a...well, never. It was the first family night of perfection we may have ever had?! Mamaw joined us for Shane's birthday dinner, the kids ate free, we got a free chocolate mess, the boys behaved really good except for the occasional getting out of the chair's to dance and get a whoo-hoo.

On the car ride home is when things took a turn for the worse. Somebody (who shall remain nameless because I wouldn't want Shane to get embarrassed even though I think it was one of his proudest moments) let a silent big one. Folks, I'm talking I'll be having nightmares tonight. It gets worse though. The frickin' child safety locks were activated on the windows. Yep, you read me right we were on lock-down in a most crucial time.

Then sweet Mamaw, with her prim & proper 83 year old Southern East Texas draw says, "I believe someone let out a Rooty Tooty!!!"

my wrist is killing me

So, I'm on my second day of awful wrist pain. I need my blog friends to help me figure out what's wrong so I don't have to pay money to go to the doctor. I am having trouble holding stuff, and it hurts most on my wrist, thumb and pointer finger. It is a shooting pain that makes me want to borrow all 92 hours of Page's Anne of Green Gables movies, bake chocolate chip cookies and cheese dip, and just watch movies and eat until the pain goes away. I could barely hold a wipe last night when changing Reed's diaper.

So far here is what I have diagnosed. Pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome due to increased fluid retention. It will require me to rest my wrist for at least two weeks and wear a splint, which means Shane gets to hire us a live in nanny/maid until I can resume normal daily activities. Do ya'll think that sounds about right?! hahaha. The bad thing is my wrist is good enough to check my email, unload the dishwasher, and cook a slammin' good birthday breakfast for Shane who turned 32 today!!! Happy Birthday Shaney!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

5 Wierd Things About Me

Heather tagged me to post 5 weird things about myself, so here goes:

1) Pull thru parking spots are a source of great joy for me.

2) A perfectly wonderful snack for me is a pringle topped with mustard and a hamburger dill pickle slice.

3) I love to look in people's refrigerator/freezer's. It is very interesting to see what is in your fridge, ya'll buy cool stuff like raspberry tea concentrate. I also like to see what is in your shower. It is so tempting when I'm using the loo at someones house, to just pull the shower curtain to, and see what kind of shampoo and soap you have. I'd like to make it sound nice and say God just created me to be curious, but really, I'm just nosey. Don't worry though, I never go through bathroom drawers. In fact, it totally stresses me out if I'm using someones bathroom and I have to open the cabinet to search for a new roll of toilet paper. It makes me feel like I just looked in your underwear drawer, so please, keep your toilet paper rolls well stocked.

4) There are certain drinks I have to have with certain foods. chocolate/water, mexican/coke, seafood/dr.pepper, steaks/sweet tea with lemon

5) I like to drive around and look at people's yard, and their edging jobs. I LOVE a well-manicured yard. One time this year, my neighbor and I drove around the neighborhood and just checked out people's yards. It was such a blast.

I tag Jenny and Becke' to post 5 weird things about themselves!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The First Day of Kindergarten

Well, not quite. Two of the 7th grade girls in our youth group and their mom took Stinky Pete to the movies tonight to see the Veggie Tales movie. After dinner, I hugged SP really big and told him how much I loved him. I asked him if he'd miss me and he said no. Shane said, "Anna, it's not the first day of Kindergarten, he's just going to the movies." After we dropped him and his car seat off at the Osborn's, I was a mess for a minute. It was stinkin' hard to let him be a big boy and go have a fun night out without me there, but I know he's having a blast.

We took Moose to the Nestle' place for cookies and ice cream. He stood in front of the cookie cake display the whole time and called the hogs, pretty dang cute if you ask me. We came home, got in our pj's, and Moose and I read two long books. Reading is his favorite thing to do besides eating. Now, he and Dad are playing the Star Wars Lego video game.

SP was so precious running off to get in the car with the Osborn's. He looked like such a big boy. Why does time have to fly so fast?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Modems, Baby Powder, Bueno

Hello Friends! I found out this week that we have something called a modem and it makes me be able to check email and be online! The little green lights stopped working on the little machine thing, so I had to call AT&T and I spoke with Hugo who had a lovely accent from somewhere non Arkansan/Texan. It was a little awckward at first because I was like, "Uhhh, I can't check my email...and I want to be able to, and I don't know what's wrong, uh, awkward pause, and you might have to ask me some questions because I don't know what else I'm supposed to tell you except that I made some really good soup for dinner last night if you'd be interested in the recipe?!" He helped me figure out that my computer problem could be resolved by loading up the car with the fam, heading to Best Buy in Little Rock, dropping nearly $100 smokes on a new modem (which is really cute b/c it is smaller than our last one), and taking the kids to Chucker Cheeser's while we were in the LR! Those weren't his exact words, but close enough.

Now about the Baby Powder, so much to catch you up on since I've been out of pocket for nearly a week. Tuesday we were meeting my mom at Taco Bell for lunch. Before we left, I thought I'd fold and put away one more load of laundry. The boys were in their room, with the door shut, and they sounded so happy and cute. As I folded the little clothes and listened to them laughing and talking I thought about how sweet it was that they were playing so well together for the moment. I opened the bedroom door to put their clothes away and nearly got knocked down by the cloud of baby powder that was filling the room. There they sat, happy as larks, in front of the closet with white hair and clothes. It was a brand new bottle of powder, emptied. And they looked so proud and happy when I walked in. This is a second offense. There was no time for pictures because I had to get to my crunchy tacos.

They see me put baby powder in my hair on the 2nd and 3rd day when I don't want to wash my hair, so to some degree they might have been trying to mimic me. Nice.

Bueno. That's right, my obsession with Taco Bueno. Shane has to work tonight so we are going to Taco Bueno in Maumelle for dinner with my Mamaw and Parents. What a fabulous way to spend a Friday night. If anyone else wants to join us for Mexi Dips and Chips come on!! I'll drive.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Cleaning & Decluttering

Shane cleaned out our garage and we can park BOTH cars in it now!!! We are on a cleaning/organizing spree and it feels great. I started the Flylady cleaning system about 6 years ago, and it is amazing. If any of you are looking for a way to keep your house looking fabulous, this is the system for you. I am not a natural detailed or organized person. But, the main thing she has tought me is the value of daily routines, that become so normal you don't even think of them. She has 3 steps for beginners that really do work. Also, Martha has a link for 6 steps to daily cleaning, they are awesome tips & easy, very doable things that add up to make a big impact on the way your house looks .

There is something about a decluttered, picked up house that is so peaceful. At night when the kids go to bed, you can actually feel relaxed when the house is tidy. And there is NOTHING better than waking up to a tidy house. It makes the whole morning and day go smoother. I am finding that when my house is in order, everything else falls into order as well. Meals, naptimes, bedtimes, running errands, etc.

If any of you have any house cleaning or organizing tips I'd love to hear them. Or things you do to help you get rid of things and let go of them.

For months I've been online shopping for bigger houses, but as I am cleaning my own house, and downsizing stuff, it is making me love our current house so much. I'd love to hear your tips!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I got scammed :(

For Christmas we drew names and had a $50 limit. So, in an effort to stretch my list as far as possible, I bid on Ebay and won a Barefoot Contessa Parties Cookbook. I've wanted it for a long time and won the auction for $13.00! But, I didn't look at the feedback on the sellar, and it turns out noone leaves him good feedback and noone, including me gets there stuff. I paid for it the night I won the auction. My friend Kevin filed a claim so MAYBE I can get my money back. Sadness. So, no Barefoot Contessa Parties at my house for awhile. sniff.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas 2007 Pictures

Mamaw bought the boys new white undershirts and undies!!! They are hysterical.

First Annual Christmas Family Fun Day. This year it started with Sonic drinks and Cheese Tots to enjoy on the Ride to LR. We went to Build A Bear, and the boys got to pick out anything they wanted. Here is a picture of Batman the Penguin, and Peter Pan the Pink Cheetah. Afterwards we went to Chuck E. Cheese for a night of Pizza and Games. Shane and I are such big kids, we love SkeeBall, it rocks!
This is before our Premier Christmas Party. Shane led the devotional and it was AMAZING! The food was great, and the company as always hilarious and fun. At my first Premier Christmas Party my friend Jennifer's Broadway nail popped off during a game. When 4 of us had a spare bottle of nail glue to help her out, I knew I was in good company.
Our Redneck Photo shoot in our living room for some pictures to frame. Personally, I like our couch sticking out on the left side, a very nice touch. You don't get that with the professionals!
New Superhero Underoos! I could eat em' up! Power Rangers and Pooperman.
Spiderman Houseshoes from Santa.
Ghetto Fabulous wrapped gift from Dad & Mom...

Good Report!

First I have to thank God for giving me a photographic memory. I managed to find Medical Towers II at Baptist, maneuver the parking garage/elevators, and make it straight to the 8th floor on the first try! It's pretty scary going through all those corridors (since Shane was at home with the boys), but I made it! And the weather was 23 degrees, and I didn't even have a coat with me!

Our appt went great. All the measurements (heart, brain, fluids, limbs, etc) look great for 21 weeks. Our Dr. is measuring the blood flow in the brain to see if the baby is showing any signs of anemia and distress. The reason for our visit is that in my last pregnancy my body developed antibodies against the baby, but Moose turned out very healthy. At 8 weeks in this pregnancy, my antibody levels were already slightly higher than when I gave birth to Moose. If the antibodies cross into the placenta (baby) then the baby will start having signs of anemia because it is having to fight because its blood is being attacked. So far this baby looks great and is showing no signs of distress.

It was at this point in my last pregnancy that we first found out there was a potential for problems. At that time, my doc said they wanted to get me to 32 weeks before we had to deliver. I asked my doc about that today, and asked if we were completely out of the woods for this pregnancy since all looked good today. He couldn't say yes for sure, but since Moose turned out healthy (not requiring any blood transfusions, only a week stay in the hospital with blood trouble), that is favorable for this time. We'll go back in 4 weeks and see how the baby is doing. Getting to wait 4 weeks is a BIG relief, because the longer we can wait, if the baby does start having distress at some point, the survival rate is of course so much better.

Needless to say this good report was cause for celebration. At 10:30am PF Chang's probably wasn't open yet, so I settled for the next best thing-Taco Bueno in Maumelle. Don't even think I didn't have a late breakfast at 10:38am of a Nacho Salad and Sweet Tea with lots of lemons! I was in and out in less than 20 minutes!

When I got home, Shane opened the bottle of Sparkling Grape Juice to celebrate the good report. Thank you for praying for this little baby, I am so grateful to have such good friends and family.

Moose is feeling 100% and running around with his guns and swords this morning. Yeah for that! And I was a good girl and didn't find out the sex of the baby while Shane wasn't there. Plus the legs were crossed.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

We are ringing in the New Year with the Stomach Bug. Today was my sister's 30th birthday, and right as we got to the door of Macaroni Grill, Moose got sick. My parents were very sweet and ordered To Go for us, and off we headed back home. Poor little guy. He doesn't even act sick, but he obviously is. Heartbreaking for me. He's so snugly though and I'm all over that!

Stinky Pete came in our room yesterday morning and Shane said, "Stinky, have you been eating cake?" He replied, "No, I just put some in my mouth." Stinky also spotted a sock or something under our bed and told us he saw it with his big brown eyes. What a nut.

We go to the Perintologist (fancy name for our high risk doctor) tomorrow. Funny thing is I can't remember what time our appt is so we get to be at Baptist in LR at 8:30am just in case our appt is early. We've been waiting for this day for 14 weeks. Part of me doesn't want to go because I'm scared of what he's going to say. And part of me will feel relieved after we go, just so we'll at last know something. I'm feeling lots of kicking and it is really sweet and fun.

I'll post after our appt with an update. Other than that, the only other big news is that we cleaned the house really good yesterday and that is always such a great feeling. It was getting bad. Bad as in my 3 yr old was even saying, Mom, you need to dust! I was like, buddy that is free drawing space for you, forget the Aquadoodle, just use the nighstands! I woke up yesterday and felt great. Not one thing on my body hurt and it was amazing! So we tackled the closet, the refrigerator, dusting, windexing, laundry, washed the duvet cover on the bed, the works. There is nothing like a clean house filled with the smell of Pledge, Windex and Armstrong Floor Cleaner!

We celebrated last night by having a few friends over. The party broke up by 10pm, probably because around 9pm I was toast. It is awesome getting older! Probably for the first time ever I had no desire to see the stinkin' ball drop. I was piled under clean sheets in clean pj's by 10:30pm!