Monday, October 24, 2011

Energy Drainers

                                                My friend Becke' took this photo!

This weekend I got the chance to get away with the women of our church for the most amazing time of resting, reading The Word, praise and worship, smores, antiquing and enjoying being in the presence of God in nature.  It was glorious! 

One of our assignments from the weekend is to list 50 Energy Drainers.  50, do you and I even have that many?  The question intrigued me because all weekend I could not for the life of me think of even one to get my list started.

Prayerfully this morning I asked God to help reveal to me 50 things that drain my energy.  I've come up with 28 and am asking God to help reveal more so that I can understand a little more how He has wired me.

One thing is certain from my list of 28.  I have a high need for order and simplicity.  I mean it is wild!  And it doesn't come naturally.  Here is my list of 28.

  1. messy office
  2. things out of place
  3. un-orderliness
  4. starting the day too late
  5. paperwork piled up
  6. phone calls during the day
  7. unmade bed
  8. a full calender
  9. cluttered drawers
  10. cluttered closets
  11. cluttered counters
  12. cluttered floors
  13. not planning ahead
  14. too much stuff
  15. when I haven't spend adequate time in The Word
  16. a dirty car
  17. smudged windows
  18. chaos
  19. too many commitments
  20. being away from home multiple nights in a row
  21. my purse
  22. too many bags
  23. broken things around the house
  24. unfinished projects
  25. unmowed yard
  26. weeds in the flower beds
  27. junk mail/email
  28. dirty fridge
I'm so excited!  God has revealed some things that drain my energy.  You know how I know these are energy drainers?  Because when I wake up to the chaos I immediately want to head straight back to bed.  When my feet hit the floor, if I walk into a living room with clothes strewn about, piles of paper, and a kitchen counter piled high with paper and dishes I want to go back to bed.  It drains my energy and it drains it fast.

What about you?  What are your energy drainers? 

This weekend I learned the first step towards change is not action-it is awareness. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Must Read

She said she'd be satisfied.  My customer Thursday evening qualified for any item in the catalog up to a $40 retail for free.  The pendant she wanted was $24.  She chose the $24 pendant as her free item and said she'd be satisfied.

I looked up because the word satisfied caught me by surprise.  It's not a word you hear people say often.  That they will be satisfied with what they have.  No.  Most people these days want more.

Her blog said she was filled.  That God had blessed her with a heart of contentment.  Her words stayed with me and had me thinking.

Friday, as Shane and I drove home from a field trip we took the boys on we were talking.  I shared with him that if there was one character quality I'd like to see the Lord develop in me this next year it would be a heart of contentment.  I shared with him how the night before my customer said she'd be satisfied and how the word really had me thinking.  I shared with him about Jenny's post of contentment.  Satisfied and Content.  Those were the two words I shared with my husband that I'd love to be developed in my heart.

Friday evening we want on a date and saw the movie Courageous.  My sister had told me there is a book for women and one for men that accompany the movie and that I had to get them, so I did.  After the movie, as we were sitting on the porch at Outback waiting for our table, I pulled our gifts out of my purse.  Shane opened his copy and I opened mine.  Can you guess what Chapter One of my book was?
Yep, you guessed it right.  Surprisingly Satisfied.  A resolution to be content.  Not just Satisfied.  Surprisingly Satisfied.  If I've ever doubted if the God of the Universe is alive, active and deeply personal, I can assure you that reading the words on this page made any doubt flee away.  Only He could have placed two specific words on my heart and then place a book in my hands telling me that yes, these were holy thoughts inspired by Him and He would give me the resources to turn toward Him.
Today I made a resolution.  A resolution to embrace my current season of life and maximize my time in it.  A resolution to resist the urge to hurry through or circumvent any portion of my journey, to live with a spirit of contentment.

I would strongly encourage you to take the time and spend the money to go see this movie in the theatre.  Sherwood Pictures has been making movies the last several years with strong messages that honor God.  We're not big movie people but I think if we support these types of movies they will continue to make more.  You will not be disappointed with the time and money spent.  And.  Don't be surprised if the enemy tries to thwart your plans to go.  This movie has a powerful message and the potential to change many lives and homes.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Two Words...Must Have

A mini version of this came in a little gift with purchase last month
and the smell is to die for~

There is a Tyler candle called Warm Vanilla Sugar Cookie that this candle really reminds me of.

When you're ready to make your house smell like Christmas in a few weeks this candle just may be the guy for the job.

We're still using Leaves because it is all things Fall.

One trick about making your house smell good is to spray "the good stuff" in the entryway area right before you're expecting your guests.  It makes the entire house smell good and something about a good smelling house just makes everyone happy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Car Tunes

Here's what we're jammin' to in the car these days.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To Do List

This morning I wrote out a to-do list.

It was tempting to make the list real long. 

After a prayerful time I wrote down 4 things that really need to get accomplished today.

There are many other things I could put my hands to but today I'm choosing to slow down.

I'm trying to learn to slow down and spend meaningful time with my boys during the day.

Tomorrow I'm hosting a fellowship with my Bible Study.  Everything in me wants to get a bucket of hot, soapy Pine Sol water and scrub my kitchen from top to bottom.

Instead, I am choosing to shut everything down for the next two hours to rest and read the Word.

Who knew that obedience would come in the form of me saying yes to letting some things around the house go.  A bucket of Pine Sol water I'm  having to lay at the feet of Jesus so I can choose the greater thing.

Learning how to live within the boundaries of today and not run a fast paced marathon 24/7.

Learning how to live with intention and purpose.

Choosing to rest.

Choosing to worship in the mundane.

Remembering how Mary chose the better thing when she stopped to sit at Jesus feet and God blessed her for it.