Thursday, March 20, 2008

Making Room

Since we went to the doctor Monday and got the news that there is potential to have a baby in 2 weeks, we have been in declutter mode. I anticipate that I will make it to full-term, but since the possibility of delivering sooner is there I am in the mood to get ready.

In the spirit of things, after my jewelry show Monday night I came home to find Shane decided to get us rolling. A little overwhelming at first, but he did an amazing job getting us started. I emailed Becke' in kind of a panic-"Hey, all my closets have been unearthed, do you wanna come help me throw junk away?!" She was on board, and we got my closet decluttered and finished the boys closet. Shane had allready sorted the boys closet which was a huge help!

I am realizing that if my house constantly looks messy, it is because I have too much stuff. When there is not a place for everything that is easy to get to, it just gets thrown in my office or a desk. Getting ready for Bible Study yesterday was so easy, because I could see all the options easily!

As soon as I get a storage unit for my office stuff, we will really be in business! My to-do list before the baby feels really long. Here is stuff I'd love to have in order:
  • All closets/drawers sorted through and downsized.
  • Paint touched up in a couple of rooms, which will mean repainting some entire walls.
  • Mulch in the flower beds. It has rained like crazy, and our mulch is somewhere down by the river.
  • Fence put back up.

Does anyone else get mulch envy this time of year? I get SO excited when people put new mulch in their flower beds, it looks SO good!

***Don't forget, March Madness starts today! Shane says our brackets need to be filled out by noon!


Anonymous said...

I might can help paint...let me know when you are attacking that project. I filled out my bracket last Sunday and Cade has since then been critiquing every single pick. I told him I haven't had time to keep up with who is good this year...someone has make sure he eats and wears clean clothes! Ha! He and Eric get to go to some of the first round games tomorrow at Alltell. They are so excited!

Jennifer said...

Your list sounds like mine back in the fall. We got rid of a LOT of stuff.

I too love the look of a freshly mulched flower bed!

Jenny said...

What??? possibly 2 weeks... why did the doc say that?

suzanne said...

hi! i don't think you know me from adam, but i've seen you comment on jennifer's blog and when i saw your last name i realized, hey, that one year that i went to hendrix, i think i kinda knew your husband. i was friends with jennifer, and david, and jill and mike, and chris. anyway, i just wanted to introduce myself! and i saw that you had 2 very little boys and a new baby very much on the way - i'm all about havin' a bunch o' babies close together! good to meet you!
-suzanne (JoyfulChaos)

Sambo said...

I hope your bracket has been going well.. I noticed that Notre Dame (your pick) beat George Mason (Shane's pick) and I laughed.

Thanks again for having me over for dinner! I loved it!