Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boy Bedroom Make-Over

I am redoing my boys room.  Have you tried to decorate for boys lately?  I want their room to be classic, clean lined, simple, non primary colored, not too sport related, and pretty neutral.  It's been a challenge! Do you think the burgandy and dark brown version of this comforter could create a similar effect?  With these sheets?  I am in love with these sheets!  They are so cute and classic.  I may have to wash them 89 times before I feel they are soft enough but for $15 a set I'm down with it!

My sister just put this taupe drum shade on a pewter lamp base in my nephew's bedroom and it is SHARP!  It's more earthy linen brown than is showing up in this photo.

Do you think I could put a clip on lamp on each boys headboard?  The slats are Mission Style.

Striped panels on the windows with a touch of brown and red to tie it all in.

Whatdya' think?  I'd take any ideas!

Monday, July 25, 2011

White Vases and other important things

I recently found the sweetest white vase at Targe'.   It is very similar to the itty bitty picture above.

It is going to look so cute sitting on the dinner table filled with water.

Two weeks ago a Razorback football game was playing on Sunday afternoon.  Since you can't have a Sunday afternoon ball game on with without Autumnal smells (even if it is July!), I pulled out my Apple Cinnamon smelling candles and fired them up which was...

all I needed to get me in the mood for school supplies!  New boxes of paper, crayons and pencils! Fresh apple cakes!  Pumpkins!

Summer is such a great time of year.  Sparkling blue pools, coconut drinks, grilled burgers.  I'm all on it, but I can tell ya' I'm ready to get into the swing of things with school.

I have a big project looming over me that I can't get motivated to tackle.  The boys closet.  It's that time of year to go through and inventory what they need.  Big sales on clothes are just around the corner and I want to be prepared. 

On a little different note: this is a great time of year to find sales on bedding, sheets, lamps and things for bedrooms.

OK, so back to decorating pumpkins I saw the cutest picture in my Romantic Country magazine last night.  Picture it.  Sically.  1912.  3 pumpkins all spray painted.  One pink, one blue, one purple.  Glittery tops and a huge rhinestone sticking out of the top. 

Please excuse me while I go get my Mini-Cheesecakes out of the oven...

Ok I'm back.  If they're good I'll post the recipe for you...

Where were we?  Oh yes, I think we've been talking about where I've been all summer.  We were gone a lot this summer.  5 weeks of travel between Shane and I.  It feels really great to all be back home.  I'm so ready for routine and normal days that look the same.

My prayer has been for God to give me vision on what He wants our days to look like.  Wisdom on how to spend my time.  I can't wait for Bible Study to start back up!  Shane is even getting me a new Bible! 

I guess I'll wrap up this Potluck type post today and go clean my office.  It exploded on me.  Again.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Avert the eyes

So this afternoon my sister and I went for manicures and pedicures.

We both sit down in the massage chairs.

The lady hands me a blue towel and places it on my lap.

Natalie didn't get one.

Only me.


I'm looking around-noone else has a blue towel-only me.

Seeing I am confused the lady comes over and points to my dress.

Oh my lands alive, I've worn a sundress to get my nails done.

They gave me a towel to put over my lap because a man was doing my nails.

Help.  Me.  Rhonda.

The most modest Southern Baptist girl busted up in the nail salon and the man doing my nails had to give me a blue towel.

Things were going pretty good.  Until.  The leg massage thing they do.  I.  Have. Never.  Been.  So.  Embarrassed. 

He had to avert the eyes.

Yes mam.

I was hoping that blue towel would grow a few feet so I could wrap it around my entire person like a blue terry cloth nun outfit.

One would like to think it would be obvious that you might not want to wear a sundress, even if it does come to your knees, to get a pedicure, but juuuuuuuust in case there is another diva out their as clueless as I, let me warn you, you do not want to have the nice man having to avert the eyes.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.