Sunday, July 27, 2008

Coping Diet


Only girls can understand this one. This is specially formulated diet designed to help women cope with the stress that builds during the day.

1 grapefruit
1 slice whole wheat toast
1 cup skim milk

1 small portion lean, steamed chicken
1 cup spinach
1 cup herbal tea
1 Hershey's kiss

Afternoon Snack:
The rest of the Hershey kisses in the bag
1 tub of Hagen-Daaz ice cream with chocolate chips

4 glasses of wine (red or white)
2 loaves garlic bread
1 family size supreme pizza
3 Snickers Bars

Late Night Snack:
1 whole Sarah Lee cheesecake (eaten directly from the freezer)

Leanna sent me this and I am so thankful. I've been looking for a new diet. This may work.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's raining in the Middle East today!

LORD YOU ARE AMAZING. I have been up this morning praying over a sick friend who is doing the Lord's work overseas. She is a beautiful woman who has given her life to live in a dry, dark, destitute land. A land where the oppression is everywhere you look. In America, we are blinded by the trappings of this world. We are deceived that things are as they should be often times.

In her country the darkness is everywhere you look. In a war torn country the oppression and result of a fallen world are easy to spot. I asked God on my knees this morning to give my friend a healing rain. To wash over that child with water’s of grace, mercy and provision. To cool off the land she lives in and to give her a rainbow so she will remember his covenants and his goodness in the midst of her pain.

I had to know if God heard. I knew he did but I just wanted to KNOW for sure. He put in my mind to google the weather for her country for today. SWEET JESUS! A high of 86 F and light thunderstorm rain. Would you believe it!!! The rest of the week: hot & dry.

SWEET JESUS, I want to know more of you. I don’t want a cup Lord, Bring me a fountain. I’ll take another drink of the living water of God.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Is that hanger space I see? I believe it is. Is that more hanger space I see? Well, I do believe it is.
What? There is a floor in this closet? Sweet hour of prayer! That's something to celebrate!

I am beside myself right now.

Flinging stuff like it's a food fight baby.

We just got out my 2 Rubbermaid boxes of summer clothes. I kept like 5 things and sent the rest to Consignment. The stuff that consignment wouldn't take just got posted on . Let me tell ya'll, it is the best service!!! Better that a yard sale because you get it out of your house that day. You don't have to go anywhere to drop it off either.

I got $15 back from consignemnt, so it's going in my new envelope and I'll have cash on hand when I can go shopping.
Can I get a whoot-whoot?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Verdict Is...

Long & Curly for awhile longer. Here's the deal. My hair is falling out in massive clumps right now. Fabulous! And the good news is, it will start growing back in over the next few months. And when it does, it is going to create bangs that are going to be a fashion nightmare for me. But it is OK. So, I was thinking keeping it curly might help camoflauge the spiky mullet dew I'll be sporting. Please still be my friend when I have a mullet, K?

4 Trash Bags Later...

I finished my closet and the boys closet. Tommorow is JJ's turn! I posted giveaways on and have 2 takers! If you don't know about it, check it out! I gave away play clothes and a few pairs of my shorts that shrunk when I put them in the attic for the winter if you know what I mean. Flylady would be happy.

It is the BEST feeling being able to give away stuff to people who need it. What a blessing!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I went to youth group today

and it was fun! In the last week I have bought a pair of leggings at Forever 21 and gone to youth group! I've gone wild. I'm out there Jerry and I'm lovin' every minute of it.

Shane is really funny when he teaches. It was nice to see him in action today. I can tell God is developing him as a teacher and leader. The youth worship band is getting really good. I'm impressed. They are so sincere when they lead. Very sweet.

On another note, I have snapped. That's right. Snapped right in two. I'm not sure how it happens, and I never notice when it starts happening, but it has happened. Again. The closets and drawers in my house are exploding again. And anyone who lives in my house better get ready because Mama is waking up tommorow armed and ready with a trash bag in hand. Oh yeah. That's right. Trash bag baby. Da, da, da, da, da, da, dum. Trash bag baby...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

3.2.1. The Countdown in ON!!!

I was supposed to be in Dallas today. Staying in a really nice hotel with good friends. Sitting in an arena this afternoon. Watching the new line of my product unveiled. One. By. One. On the big screen. While we listen to every little detail about the piece they are showing.

Because Little Darlin was a bit unexpected Shane and I both decided to stay home this summer and spend time as a family, getting to know our little one in these first weeks. It was hard for both of us to not go on trips that we really, really love and enjoy.

My favorite speaker last year was Joni Erickson Tada. She is amazing and I loved hearing her talk. My favorite speaker this year, I'm sure, would've been that lady who sings the William Tell Overture about kids.

We would have loaded up in cars every night after trainings to find the nearest Bueno. We'd get our MexiDips & Chips and head back to our hotel room where we would pour over our newest catalog and act like jewelry experts regarding what our favorite new pieces are.

We would hear from missionaries all over the world telling us how our company has provided for them in ways they could not imagine. How people are hearing the gospel because of what we do. They would tell us to please keep up our work, because it is blessing them.

I would be overwhelmed with love, excitement and thankfulness for the provision of Premier that God has placed in my life! There would be fireworks in the dark arena on the Patriotic God Bless America Day. I would inevitably sit in front of the group from Minnesota with those annoying glow in the dark light up clappers that look really cool from across the arena, but make me want to make them disappear during the next break :).

I miss ya girls, and know you are having a ball!!! I'll be back in January!!! Be safe and I'm praying for ya'll! Yell for Andy for me!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I have a visual...

i repeat, i have a visual on the new neighbors moving in :)!! the trucks and suv's have arrived. our sweet neighbors moved away, sniff sniff, and now the new ones are moving in.

dang it. does this mean i need to put on make-up and real clothes? i'm in the midst of a bum out day.

that means no shower so far, no hair, no make-up, shane's t-shirt and athletic shorts.

the boys are running around in super hero underwear. jj is still in his jammies.

we are going to mom's to shuck some corn from some farm in arkansas. oh the dilema!

and yes, i have posted three times in one day. shut up.


This morning SP was asking for Straw-bebbies. We were out and I meant to go by Kroger yesterday to get some more. Well, Mamaw pulled up at around 10:30am in her little red truck. She always brings something with her for the boys-crackers, fruit, things like that. Well, it was really neat because today she had 2 boxes of Strawbebbies in her bag. It was neat to see how God provided for little SP's want.

Last night we were reading about how God provided a manger for Baby Jesus and that he always provides what we need. It was neat to see God provide something SP wanted, especially after we just talked about it last night!

And speaking of fruit, this morning at Operation Family Breakfast, Shane read a story about giving to God what is his-tithing. The lesson on the Bible story said that when someone doesn't give God their firstfruits they are saying they don't trust God. I had never, ever thought of it that way. I always just thought of it as an obedience thing-we give because God has told us to. The trust aspect makes a lot of sense though! God has been putting that verse in Malachi 3:10 in my heart lots lately-about bringing him the best and first of all we have, and he says to watch and see if he won't bless us with so much we won't know what to do with it.

p.s. today was omelette and hashbrowns day.


Rodney has joined the Bloggin' world! Go visit his site and leave a comment! It doesn't even matter if you are a blog stalker who doesn't know him!

Monday, July 14, 2008


do you blog about when you haven't blogged in a few days and you don't want your friends think you've falled off the blog wagon?

I am dog tired.

It is TOO hot outside.

I don't want to hear the meteorologist talking about how "cool" it is outside for this time of year. That is a bunch of crap.

My sweet baby is sleeping 9 hour stretches.

SP is using the word "amazing" lots lately. You know, like, "Mom, I see we have a bag of chips on top of the fridge, that's amazing!"

Moose is saying things are pretty. "Mom, your nametag is so pretty" I'm like, dude, it's a white stick on label. But then again, what's not to love about that?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Naptime Conversations

Stinky Pete: Momma, is God in my heart?

Me: Well, when you ask him to live in your heart he will.

Stinky Pete: Well, I don't feel him walking in my heart, so I bet he's not in there.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Speech Evaluation!

SP went to get his speech evaluated today and was SO cute. On the video SP is telling you how he went to school and helped his teachers. He looked in Megan's mouth and then Megan looked in his mouth and I looked at pictures, and she looked in my ears and everything and they're lookin' good. Bye.

I love that little guy so much. He spiked that hair up, put on his best Hawaii shirt, got his soccer flip-flops on and out the door we went. It was a very fun moment for Shane and I to watch him answer all the questions and do the activities. We laughed and laughed and laughed.

SP is a smart little dude. He told his "teachers", Megan & Amy, how he fixed his own hair this morning all by himself, and he didn't use Daddy's gel, he used his own hair blue (glue).

When we were done, I took him to get a snack out of the machine for a prize. He picked a Pepsi-I don't even want to go into my spill about Pepsi campuses because I think it's a outrage :), but that's what he picked. He asked if we could get one for Neddie. He is a thoughtful little guy, always thinking of other people. I think he gets that from his Daddy who is a huge servant and very thoughtful of other people.

We just had a ball this morning though! We saw SP's ear drums on the T.V. screen. Turns out it doesn't look like the drums at church after all. Did you know you have 2 ear drums? It totally makes sense you would have one in each ear, but WHO KNEW!!!!! Cuz I'm a Blonde B-L-O-N-D....Cuz I'm a blonde don't you wish you were you know that song? Now that EVERYONE knows about the 2 ear drum thing, I think I can go now! Bye.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Note To My Mother-In-Law

Before I go to bed my hips wanted to thank you for indroducing me to the joy of Frozen Reese's Miniatures. The spinach and brocolli are just for show to make me feel like a good mom. Night Night and Thanks Again.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Seventeen Hair Quiz

Which hairstyle do you like best? Please vote on my poll and help me decide what to do with my hair!


This is the new name of my posts that will include a plethora of thoughts. Did I use that big word in the right context? I sure hope so.

THE SERIOUS ONES: Shane and I have noticed how the serious posts get no comments. Interesting.

Little Darlin': I took LD to the doctor because he was spitting up, choking sometimes and fussy quite a bit, but mostly when he was laying in his crib. The doctor put him on Zantac and bless his little heart, he has been so content the last couple of days. Sleeping better, smiling, staying awake is a blessing.

MY HAIR: I am in a real quandary. Here are my options.

1. Long & Straight

2. Long & Curly

3. Short, Layered, & Straight

4. Short, Layered, Curly (When I say short I mean around shoulder length).

I have taken up an interest off and on the last year with curly hair. I read a book called Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. She estimates that 65% of women have some type of curl in their hair, and if properly cut and taken care of, the curl can be released. Where there is a wave there is a curl. Her method focuses on hydration of the hair cuticle, making your hair shiny, hydrated and healthy. My problem is the cutting part. What I really need is to live in New York. There is a salon called Ouidad and they specialize in cutting curls. I found a salon in LR called Caracalla Spa and Tommy specializes in curl cutting. I am waiting for him to call me back so I can ask him some questions. How funny is that? Shane thinks I have officially fell off the wagon, researching this much about curls. It is just a new fun interest for me.

Stinky Pete & Little Darlin' PICTURES:
Don't they favor...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Open Floor Plan

Hello boys and girls!! Today we are going to talk about the open floor plan.

It is my very favorite plan in a house. If I am going to be stuck in the kitchen 21 times a week plus snacks do you think I want to be looking at the khaki sheet rock while everyone else swings from the chandeliers without me? No way hose'.

There are some super cute houses I've been seeing online, but many of them don't have the open floor plan. That's because a man designed the house. Now the living rooms, oh yeah, grand let me tell you! Room enough on that wall for a flat screen the size of Texas. Room enough for 13 recliners with beer holders. That's ice tea holders for my more conservative readers. A bathroom right off the living room. Yup. All the amenities he needs.

But this mama needs that open floor plan. Sister friend likes to eat and cook and she doesn't want to be stuck in tinbucktwo by her lonesome! All that said, if we find a new house it has to be an open floor plan.

Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa is a fabulous cook and hostess. Her show always has a theme, like "Geoffrey is coming in from East Hampton and we are going to grill kabobs on the veranda and it's going to be really special..." She makes meatloaf night sound like it is the grandest thing you've ever heard of.

One of the ideas I love most about her style is including your guests in the meal preparations and cooking together. It takes all the last minute stress off you if you are hosting because everyone gets involved. She always has some kind of fun drink. Again, for my more conservative readers in now way am I suggesting anything other than water's with lemons.

Ohhh, and have you ever seen a hearth room? So completely wonderful! It is like a little nook off the kitchen with a fireplace. Very nice.

Here's the deal-when this youth ministry gig takes off and we start making the big bucks I'm going to design my dream house and you will see what I'm talking about. I'll have you over for kabobs and it will be really special. We'll even invite Geoffrey.

If after reading this you have the hankering to knock a wall down call me. I'm free after 8:30 tonight and I can bring my own sledge hammer...