Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Little Oak Table

I am moving to a new site, doo da, doo da...

Little Oak Table...I hope you'll stop by and join me there.

It is a simple new space where I'll continue writing about all the things I love.

  • Creating a nice home
  • Having a warm atmosphere inside your home
  • Raising those babies
  • Using the space you have and the resources you have to make a home you love
  • Homeschooling
  • Food!  Lots and lots of food talk, I hope!
It has been a fun run here at Bugs & Sunshine and I am looking forward to my new space on the web.  Thank you to my 13 devoted followers for sticking with me to the end, you rock!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It was a great moment of victory...

My friend Amy and her daughter Annabelle are on their way over for lunch and a visit.

As I prepare I am reminded of how I love the perfect.  I've always loved going to Amy's house because it is always orderly and beautiful, down to the colorful blooming flowers that greet you with a cheery smile as you walk toward the front door.

This morning I only allowed myself 20 (OK, 25!) minutes to spruce up our home before her arrival.  As I kicked Nerf gun bullets under armchairs to free the floor of clutter I noticed dusty baseboards and made myself walk away and keep going.

As I took the trash out my heart sank a little when I was reminded again of our tall summer grass.  We decided to visit family over the weekend and had not had the opportunity to mow yet.  Wouldn't you know both neighbors mowed yesterday making my yard look even more shabby.  We gave the wilting sweet potato vine in the planters flanking the front doors a drink of water but they haven't had time to perk up yet.

Here I am, 35 minutes before my dear friend comes, sitting under fans cooling off and being still.

Nerf bullets, stuffed animals and books are still strewn here and there.  The baby is napping and my bed is unmade.

None of this is bad though.  As I sit here trying to not sweat to death I am joyful and praising.


Well!  Because the enemy tried to tell me my perfect friend is on her way over and I should wear myself out before her arrival so that every last nook and cranny is spit-spot.

That is not the reality though and I know it.  We are not Sanford and Son.  We are more of a Martha Ina Duggar mix and I am OK with that.

I am so excited because in 20 minutes my beautiful red-haired friend and her daughter are going to walk through my freshly Windexed front door.  We'll hug each others necks and settle in for a visit.  We'll share Fiesta Stack-up on good Fritos with fresh salsa.  We'll drink from mason jars and have a glass filled plate topped with a serving of banana pudding.

This morning I'm grateful for the opportunity to make decisions that bring life.  Packing up and traveling to see grandparents.  Inviting someone into our world that is loud and messy.  Choosing to smile when I feel tired.  Not having to bend over backwards to be perfect and having the chance to invite a friend into our real world. 

Today I experienced a great moment of victory. 

Leaving some things undone so that I would be settled and unhurried was hard but yielded such great fruit in my heart and in the atmosphere of my home.

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Best Kind

Mondays like today are the best kind. Nothing but wide open space on the agenda.  We all got good rest last night and are still in our pj's.

We'll have a slow day today.  Finishing up laundry, enjoying the fort built in the bedroom, reading some new library books, reading history lessons together, Dr. Phil.  OK, just kidding about that last one.

Even though I love a sunny house, this summer we've been keeping the blinds closed most of the day to keep it cooler inside.  We are using a couple of floor fans like this one...

I found this Galaxy fan at Wal-Mart for $20 and we loved it so much we got another.  I've turned the thermostat up a few degrees higher and it feels great inside.

The mix of lamps, candles, and fans whirling makes it super nice inside.

Nice enough to grab a blanket and a book and curl up on the couch for a snooze good read.

Normally I do not grocery shop on Sunday but yesterday was an exception.  I did the unthinkable.  I loaded up all four kids and braved Kroger by myself with the rest of the town.  I can assure you that won't be happening ever again.  Even today I am getting twitchy just remembering the horror of it all.  It wasn't so much the having the kids part that caused me such great angst.  It was the sheer volume of other shoppers in the mix that was more than this girl could handle.

We got the goods for burgers, quesadillas, grilled chicken salad, breakfast for dinner, and I can't remember what the other couple of meals are. 





I have started writing down our meals in my planner.  It has been fun to see what we are eating.  I'm hoping my list will jog my memory when I am tempted to go on a cooking hiatus.

Well, I'm off to settle in for some history reading with the little ones.  Hope you have a fantabulous Monday.