Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Last night I was checking out at Kroger and the guy in front of me looked so much like the pictures of Jesus you see growing up in Sunday School. Long brown hair, beard, the whole nine yards. I was looking at him, more like staring, thinking, "that is unbelievable." Then I got tickled when I looked at the food he was buying. Hummus, Organic Field Greens, Bottled Water. Yep, that seemed about right.

Why is it so fun to scope out what the person in front of you is buying? I'm a nosey nellie I guess! The best part is trying to act all casual when the person busts you for spying on their conveyor belt of stuff.

I canNOT wait till American Idol tonight! I didn't see the whole show, but my prediction is that Remaielle (that girl) will be gettin' the boot tonight.

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Megan said...

oh, i hope ramiele gets the boot too! she should have gone last week. she may be cute, but this IS after all a singing competition.

LOVE that pregnant pic from the last post! I think you look beee-U-tiful!!