Monday, February 27, 2012

So Many Things

There are so many things I needed to do today.

Like lesson plans, grading papers (haven't tackled since before the Holidays LAST YEAR), and grocery shopping.

Nothing says I love you like plenty of toilet paper and we have one roll left.

It's been 10 days since I grocery shopped and I'm a once a weeker.

That's why we had Ramen noodles, one pizza from the freezer, leftover fettucini, little smokies and applesauce for lunch.

My fridge is clean as a whistle now.

I use that term lightly because what I'm really trying to say it's empty.

This morning when I was being "matter of fact Mommy" I knew a nap was for sure on the agenda today.

What? You don't know "matter of fact Mommy?"

It's the tired me. The one where I am not nice or mean, but I'm not playing around either.  And they know it.

Considering how tired I feel today, it's been a semi-productive day.

The clothes got washed. Lunch was unearthed from out of nowhere, a list for the store is made, dinner is cooking and everyone slept.   Not bad.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Discipleship Tuesday

Today was the first day of Daddy/Son discipleship time.  These two guys headed off to the Christian book store to get our son a new Bible.  His old one was falling apart.

Next, they were off to get $5 salads at one of our favorite restaurants.

Each week a different son will get to go with Dad for a special time of reading the Word and discipleship.

I always thought as the wife I set the main tone in the home.  But I'll tell you what, my husband taking leadership in this is setting a bigger tone than I ever could.

My husband is reading the entire Bible through in 3 months.

I do not want to take one ounce of credit for the things going on in our home but I do want to let you in on a little secret.

Ask for things you want to see.

Ask GOD for it.

For years, I have prayed a prayer over my husband.  That he would crave God and His Word.  He has always read the Word, but boy, there's a bigger stirring in his heart right now.

ASK GOD for what you need.

For what you desire to see in your home.

ASK God for change.

He will provide for your needs today.
Here's my big boy reading out of his new Bible!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Storm 2012

Last week we had a Dinner and Dance fundraiser which kept us busy at church cooking and decorating.  We had Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon, candles, chocolate and fun dancing.

After a busy fun filled weekend of basketball games and birthday parties today was a nice day of rest.  It snowed and we had our traditional Honey Oatmeal Bread when we came in from playing.

Naps, fire, hot cocoa, a house cluttered with gloves, hats, coats and wet clothes is how we spent our day.

The boys left for practice tonight and I got busy picking up the place, lighting candles, and getting dinner on. 
The kids are in bed and me and the Mr. are watching our Ma and Pa movies-the Love Come Softly series we like to check out from the church library when it snows.
They always make me want to make beef stew and biscuits.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave

I don't need God.

That's how I've lived anyway.

I mean, I want to need God, but my actions have spoken another truth.  The ugly truth is that I've become independent from Him.  Put myself into positions where I meet my own needs.  If there is a need, I meet it.  Being self-sufficient has become the normal way.

I've been thinking about us as Americans and our lives being defined as the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I think we could also call it the "Land Of The ME, Home Of The Slave".

People want to come here for opportunity but is it?

Looking around, even at my own life, is it all about Me?  Making myself and my family comfortable?  Setting up our little kingdom so we'll be set?  And is fear chaining us down so we're slaves to it?  I can't give extravagently, then I'd be out of control.  I can't go to a new place with God because then I'd be out of control.  Hmmm, I'm not sure if I want to relinquish the reigns of my life.

After reading Katie's book and seeing a glimpse into a Third World Country, I'm seeing the black and white difference between what it looks like to need God and what it looks like to meet my own needs.

He showed me I had been drinking the watered down cup, but living independently from Him, that was a blow to the ol' spiritual ego.  Katie came back to America for a few months and here is what she said:

"The biggest shock to my system, the huge disconnect, is that I have stepped out of my reliance on God to meet my needs.  I "miss" Jesus.  He hasn't disappeared, of course, but I feel so far from Him because my life is actually functioning without Him."

I get that.  It makes sense.  We can love Jesus.  Go to church.  Volunteer.  Go to Bible study.  Be nice.  Give an offering.  Say prayers with our kids.  Teach them right vs. wrong.  And we can do it all in our own strength, if we're not careful.

So, I read a verse in I Cor. yesterday.  It said the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of POWER.

I love quizzes, always have.  You want to take a quiz to see how you're doing?  Look at today or back up and think about yesterday.  Did you see God's power?  Did you need Him? 

Do you need Him?

If you want to live a life of power this side of heaven you do.  If you want to see God's glory shine from your one life you do.

That is why the cross is so powerful.  Jesus gives life to the dead things in your life and mine.  We're always only one conversation with God away from being in His Presence and headed toward His will.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Watered Down

My son was sick a couple weeks ago.  One thing was on my mind to help him get better.  Give him lots and lots of fluids.  Orange juice is what sounded the best to him, so orange juice he got.  But, I did not give him glass after glass of straight up orange juice.  I watered it down-a lot.  Half water, half juice.  I did not want it to hurt his tummy.

After several days he was not even questioning the watered down juice I was giving him.  He took the cup and drank without question.  Have you ever tasted watered down juice?  Let me tell you, it is does not leave you wanting more.

As I filled watered down sippy cups with half juice half water, I began wandering about my faith.  Have I been drinking the cup of watered down faith?  Have I drank the cup so long I don't even realize the flavor is gone and I've been living on-as my pastor put it yesterday-a cheap substitute?

The is no comparison to a cup of half juice half water and a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice fresh from the tree.  I want to drink from the cup of the hand of God, and I believe my days will reveal the change. 

My friend Becke' loaned me the book, Kisses from Katie.  I hadn't even made it through the prologue before I was under deep conviction and the words-Watered Down Faith are what kept playing through my mind.  As I talked on the phone with my friend today, we wandered out loud-can you really serve God the way he wants you to in America?  Neither of us had an answer.

All the wealth and conveniences are blinding.  Don't you want to live a life that makes a mark on the world for Jesus?

You ask me what the will of God is,
And I will answer true
It is the nearest thing that should be done
That God can do through you!

So, today I will cook meals and clean them up.  I will wash and fold the laundry.  I will work with little boys teaching them how to make a cursive capital letter I, how to make a little p, and how to add double digit numbers.  I'll talk with my neighbor when I go outside to get the mail.  Tonight, I'll gather with friends and we will pray together for God's glory to be shown.  And all the while, I'll be asking God for a favor.  To please not let me be complacent.  To give me eyes to see opportunity.

Last week my Bible study teacher said your neighbor is anyone God puts in your path with a need that you have the means to meet.  I'll pray for God to let me see others.  I will ask him to take away the watered down and replace it with that which really satisfies.