Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Paint Wheel

I LOVE the Sherwin Williams Paint Wheel.

Is anyone else with me on this? Fall always makes me extra excited to watch You've Got Mail. I love the way Meg Ryan's apartment is decorated.

Last night at my show, the girl's apartment where we were was extra cute, like in the movie. And she has painted her walls BLOND. One of my top fave's on the paint wheel.

Fall and Spring always make me in the mood to redecorate.

I haven't posted much because I have a new book I'm reading. Parenting By The Book by John Rosemond.

Does anyone have good recommendations for reading? I am looking for something along the lines of Mary Higgins Clark (clean, suspense, but not gory or super scary). She's pretty much my favorite when it comes to fictional reading. I'm not really into "christian fiction" although I suppose I've never really given it much of a chance.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

High School Football Games

There is nothing better than a Friday night high school football game.

Unless of course you are sitting in front of the football expert. Holy Snikey's Batman. That happened to us tonight.

This man was yelling stuff I've never heard of. "Break up that wedge, come on!" "Get the, uh, I forget, somethin' about a lateral somethin' or other" Anyway, it was new to me.

Anyway, you know how you REALLY want to turn around to check out who is yelling in your ear, but it would be totally obvious.

I never got a visual. Shucks. And we lost. Shucks again. We lost. Like I was on the field or something. No, I was the one in the stands with the small daycare and the bucket of low-fat popcorn.

And I went through about 6 outfits before we could load the bus and head to the game. Apparently I have no Friday night football clothes. I've got 2 extremes. Bum out clothes or dressy. Well, dressy-er type clothes.

It was fun though. The air smelled like Fall. The band was really, really good. Everything was glittery and my boys were mesmerized.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

i saved a bundle on my car insurance by switching to geico

well, not really, but i wish.

why is it that every time i get a new bottle of shampoo or shower gel i feel compelled to read the directions. literally, i love reading bottle labels, and i simply cannot use a product until i've read the directions.

why is this? it's shampoo for the love of pete. not rocket science. shampoo. been using the stuff for over 30 years.

i was using a new shampoo tonight, and it has some new wording i have not seen. it said to use the shampoo in synergy with the conditioner and i totally froze. uh. you want me to do what?

i'm used to the wash. rinse. repeat if necessary regimen.

while we are on the subject of fancy shampoo talk, i'm just going to give you my tip for the off brand parents choice shampoo you might be using on yo' babies head. or the sauve. or any off-brand type product. it is really great to read the label in the spanish but with more of a french accent.

instead of PARENT'S CHOICE SHAMPOO it turns into Para Champu el Bebes. that is so nice is it not? do you know why we choose Para Champu el Bebes at our house? because when the little angels decide to squirt half the bottle into their bath water to make bubbles it is ok.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This weeks Missions.

OK don't skip over this, it's good stuff. On http://www.flylady.net/ , click on the lefthand side under Zone and then click on the mission for the day.

The missions are so good and October is major decluttering month to get ready for CRUISING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS.

She tells you how to start the decluttering process and it started Monday. It's a great time to start.

I need a good dose of this. My drawers are exploding and so are my cabinets and garage.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breakfast Blend

We grew up watching my parents drink Folgers CLASSIC ROAST. Sometime last year Shane and I became coffee drinkers so that is what I've always bought. Last night at the store I noticed the breakfast blend. The can was so cheerful and fun I had to try it. Well, I really love it. It is very mild and yummy.

We are new coffee drinkers and like a LOT of cream with our coffee or a little coffee with our cream-however you want to look at it. And we are very particular with our cream because it has to be Coffeemate flavored cream from the refrigerated section-and it can't be sugar free either. We like Hazelnut and French Vanilla.

Here's the story on how we became coffee drinkers. Maybe this time last year it seems like I kept hearing people talk about having friends over for coffee and dessert. That sounded so fun, and like a great thing to do. So, my parents are letting us use their 4 cup Gevalia coffee maker and it's just perfect.

If we invest in a good coffee pot I want to get the kind my friend April has. It has some kind of special holding chamber for the coffee so it doesn't burn if it sits for awhile.

So that's that.

It has been a perfectly lazy morning. I'm still in my gown. The boys are playing PlayStation and watching videos because that's the kind of good mama I am. John Rosemond would be so proud of me. Really, we're hearing him speak next weekend and I know after that I'll be donating the TV and Games so I'd better let them get their fix this week.

I drank the entire pot of coffee and am getting some work done.

It's lunch time now and then rest time! Later!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My head hurts

Hopefully it is just exhaustion but my head is hurting so bad. Behind my eyes. And my throat feels scratchy. And I am so-ho-oh tired.

I have a cup of tea steeping and it said to meditate on eternal mysteries while I wait so here I am.

The first day of Fall is MONDAY. The high is 84. I am so ready to pull out turtlenecks. A black turtleneck with jeans is a favorite of mine in the Fall. I found the cutest ballet slippers at Wal-Mart for $9. They are going to be so fun with jeans. The jeans I don't have. But I can see it in my head. My head that hurts. (by the way, Tazo Calm tea is SO good)

I need some jeans. When I pulled my winter clothes from the attic I realized my 2 pairs I had were needing to go. So, I consigned them, yeah for me. Jeans are one thing I am willing to spend good money on because I wear them nearly every single day in the winter/fall months. I'd love to know where you get your favorite jeans.

But, I just really do not enjoy finding the right pair. Part of me is really tempted to wear my maternity ones this season but I need to get control of those thoughts! Get behind me Satan! I think it was around this time last year when I was really having the itching to buy me and the boys matching sweatsuits from Wal-Mart. They are on display by the OJ and they just call to you, buy me, buy me, show no regard for fashion and buy me.

OK, I'll confess. I bought a sage green pair. And I vowed not to wear them in public. And there is a slight possibility the day after Thanksgiving Shane drug my sick preggo self to the early bird sales, and I may have had my sweats on with no make-up and a big old Razorback t-shirt sticking out of the bottom of the sweats that were too tight because of my belly. THERE I SAID IT AND I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. Well, except for my head.

I don't know how ya'll drag this stuff out of me but now that I've got that off my chest I'm going to bed.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Starbucks is for sure the best place to go and people watch.

Take for example the girl who came in today with the denim, embroidered ruffled jumper/dress and a winter scarf tied around her neck with a plum colored undershirt.

That type of get-up may not work so well in normal settings, but it totally works at a coffee shop.

Starbucks makes me want to go to Goodwill, buy some crazy retro off the wall outfit and just go for it!

It makes me want to get my toboggan out and a shirt with a big peace sign on it.

Get some faded blue jeans with a hole in the left knee.

Shaneboy surprised me today with a few hours to myself while he took care of the boys. So clearly I headed to Home Depot. I browsed around the plants and flowers. Then I headed to Lumber. I was checking out the crown molding because I want to put some on top of our living room windows and add wood casing around the outside. I can do it and they can help. Or if I build it they will come. Or something like that.

Just a 4-1-1- if you see me around town with a scarf around my neck in the middle of summer you will know I am just experimenting with my coffeeshopinspiredwardrobelook. Thanks. Bye.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun Blogs

Here are some of the fun blogs I read. I love all my bloggin' friends! This is a tag from Paige!

Paige is my new friend of a few months! She LOVES cooking too!

Becke' & Brittney are my old friends from college. They are not old, be we've been friends for 14 years!

Amanda & Sarah are the reasons I blog. They are the first blogs I ever read regularly.

The kids are talking

The big boys are beginning to ask more questions with no filters on their mouths.

Take last night for instance when we were loading up the bus to go somewhere. Our neigbhor Edgar who lives 2 houses down was outside smoking a cigarette or something. My oldest, who as I have mentioned before has a very loud voice, asked, "MOMMY, IS ED-Guh A FUNNY NAME????" I'm like, no honey, Edgar is not a funny name.

Then big red chimes in, "YES IT IS MOMMY, ED-guh IS TOO A FUNNY NAME."

I'm like breaking out into hot flashes trying to quietly give the "God made us all special and we come in all shapes and sizes" talk.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Queen of Procrastination

I wish I could be the queen of something else other than procrastination.

It is 4:15 and I just can't seem to get motivated to get going with what needs done.

Today's mission is to clean the base of the toilets. I also need to get dinner going. I've got a training tonight I'm helping lead.

Saturday I made a discovery about myself. I actually re-discover this "new" discovery every few months. It happens when we have no groceries and I haven't cooked in awhile. So, I pull out a cookbook and head straight for the dessert recipes. I can't remember what main dishes my family likes so why not bake?

I have the ingredients to make a streusel cake. It has cinnamon in it which is perfect for fall weather. It smells so good baking.

We have Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla and we like to mix in Double Stuff Oreos. That sounds good for dinner as well.

Or do we want to have some chocolate chip cookies?

I have 5 pounds of Ground Hamburger. DING DING DING, we have a package of burger buns. OK Folks, we're having burgers tonight!!! I knew if I got on this blog something productive would come of it.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, and I'll be here every Monday night at 4! Unless of course I forget or get sidetracked...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The trip to the mall.

Yesterday at a little after 4pm I got a call asking if I wanted to run to the mall for bonus days.

Heck yeah I did! So, I loaded up the bus and off we went. We picked up my sis and her two kids. We pulled up to Dillard's and I mean the kids started unloading from our car in droves. 5 total but by the time you add the big diaper bag, 2 Texas sized purses, 2 Nintendo DS's and my 3 exceptionally loud boys it was a destined to be an experience.

First stop was the Dillard's bathroom. Two words here: Courtesy Flush. I mean really, how hard can it be? And while you're at it, can you please put some Aromatique potpourri in there please? I had 4 of the kids in the bathroom and was mouthing words like, HURRY UP FOR THE LOVE, pump that SOAP AND LET'S GET GOING BECAUSE THE GAS MASKS ARE IN THE CAR AND MAMA'S NOT GOING TO LAST MUCH LONGER IF WE STAY IN HERE...

Ahh, the Clinique man. Maybe I should leave well enough alone, but he put me in a black liquid eyeliner that you apply with a brush. Now I may be the one looking like a 10 cent hooker.

I was going for the darkest brown he had without getting the black eyeshadow. He tried to tell me the black shadow would work great for an "evening look." Laugh in my heart I did. I was thinking, Mr. my evening look is a ponytail with 3-5 clips/bobby pins to keep all hair out of my face, my green moo-moo, no make-up, moisturizer and chapstick. The black kind. Of chapstick not shadow.

We then preceded to the food court.

We looked like Hands Across America walking through the mall.

I need to say that if by some chance you are reading this and have not tried the new Chick-fil-A house dipping sauce that you should drop everything and go try it now. On your fries, nuggets, everything. It will not disappoint.

I tried the new Bath and Body Works lotion that's supposed to be all the rave. I liked it, Natalie did not.

We shopped in Prom Dresses for awhile, I tried on a $400 coat just because I can, and then we headed home.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Soda Run

Amanda had the cutest idea on her blog yesterday. It is called doing a "Soda Run". Last night after dinner we loaded up the bus and I surprised the boys with our first ever soda run. We chose Cracker Barrel. We each picked our drink and then sat on the porch with the rocking chairs and checker games.
Shane told me I sounded like Buddy the Elf when I asked Amanda, "What's a Soda Run I want one!!!"

Little Bit fell asleep reading the Advertencia on his car seat.
Cracker Barrel has the really good Stewart's brand of drinks. If anyone else tries a soda run, let me know where you go! Next time we are going to try the big Exxon off the interstate and see what kind of fountain drinks they have. We want Vanilla in our DP! We want Vanilla in our DP!!
Hey good news, I saw a dog today!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A note to the big spider that just ran under my couch.

You have forced me to post twice in one day, something I really try not to do.
Don't think I don't know you're under their hiding. Yes I did just spray the perimeter of the couch with nearly an entire can of Lysol trying to kill you. And I'm here with my broom and bottle of Lysol and if you come out I'm gonna get you sucka! So be afraid because I'm alot bigger than you.

I've been noticing a pattern.

This is the craziest thing to me, but I have certainly been noticing a pattern to if I'm going to have an "on" day or an "off" day in regards to how productive I am.

I am not kidding about what I'm about to tell you. (note: not sure why I'm being so dramatic and I do hope you are not let down when I tell you what I'm about to tell you).

When I wake up to a clean, picked up house it is going to be a very productive day. If I wake up to even a bit of clutter or stickiness on chairs/floors it is harder to get stuff done.

I am so curious if anyone else in blogland is the same way?

With that said I'd like to talk about what a grand day this has been so far. It all began last night when we put the boys to bed and went to town on the house. Blinds, Ceiling Fans, Floors, the works.

Waking up to a sparkling house is just the BEST! Well, I did a couple of things this morning that I never do.
  • went to the store with all three kids in tow
  • used coupons

I really hate coupons. I mean hate em'. I rather have 5 feathery bang bad hair days in a row than to have to deal with coupons.

I did come up with a wonderful system that worked beautifully that I'd like to share. Because, besides the fact that all coupons come with some kind of invisible pixie dust that makes them multiply when you're not looking, and expire the day before you wanted to use them, I always forget to use them at the store when I'm actually trying to use them.

For my system you need 3 things:

  • 3 ziplock bags
  • 1 black marker
  • coupons

Mark one ziplock with the number 1.

Mark the second ziplock with the number 2.

Mark the third ziplock with the word TODAY.

Here's how it works. I put all the coupons I intended to use today in the bag marked 1. I put all the other good coupons I'd like to use this month at some point in the bag marked 2. As I was shopping and found what I was looking for from the 1 bag that the store actually had I moved the coupon to the TODAY bag as I shopped. So, at the end of my trip, I had all the coupons for what I actually bought for the day in the TODAY bag and it was nice.

Which leads me to another question. (yeah, go ahead and prop your feet up and make some popcorn, this is turning out to be a long one). Ok, at Wal-Mart. Who is supposed to load the bags into the cart? Us or the checker person? It's always an awkward time for me and I'd just like to know. Kroger doesn't have these issues.

One last thing to share before I go. At Wal-Mart today I bought some vinyl mattress liners for the boys beds. They go right on top of the mattress, then you put your quilted mattress cover, then your fitted sheet. They repel water. I'm going to go back and get one for the King size bed too, that way if the kids accidentally ever get sick while in our room we'll be all good!

Well, that's all for today. I am so curious though about if your homes effect your productivness.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Sandwich

Tonight we had a Middle School Swim Party.

We were talking about inventing new recipes, something that I loved to do growing up. Well, Jacob told us he made a peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich one time. Hmmmm...

I'm here laying on my couch after a long day, and the cupboards are bare, but happliy we had all the ingredients for this concotion. I must say I am pleasantly surprised. Oh yeah right, surprised...like I don't do the happy dance every single time I think about PB and Chocolate.

We've been eating some random stuff since there really isn't much for a complete meal around here. Yesterday's lunch was a loaf of frozen garlic bread that I topped with cheddar cheese and tomatoes, then we dipped it in marinara.

As good as my random inventions have been, I'd better get to the sto'!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Clinique Drive By

This post is appropriate since today is Saturday which is Yard Sale Day in America.

You know how it goes down. Your sitting in a lawn chair in your driveway in the scorching heat, dealing with the nickel and dimers. You are selling all your junk when the packed out car begins to S-L-O-W-L-Y drive by, going around 2 mph, and every person in the car is giving your driveway a good lookin' over. Then they just roll on by!!!

A drive by! Denied! Shafted! Ouch!

So, I was standing in line at the Belk Clinique counter a few nights ago waiting to purchase a tub of Transparency #3 loose powder when I heard the Clinique lady tell the lady in front of me that Bonus Days at Dillards starts this week.

I know I didn't.

I just slowly meandered off after I heard the news, as if I had just been standing in line that whole time for my good health.

Oh Brother!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

One for laughs...

My big boys were just washing their hands.

L asked R, "What in the hell are you doing?"

I said, Son, where have you heard that?

He replied, "Well, the Lord wants me to say that sometimes."

I can't resist myself.

I'm going to vent over some stuff. Some political stuff. Maybe not the best blog material, but it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to. Ok, that was silly.

This post is my response to the group of stay at home moms interviewed at the park about their views on a woman running for VP. These are the chicks I saw on TV. They will never see this, but at least I'll feel better. Hopefully.

They were talking about their concerns about Sarah Palin being able to be a good mom and be Vice President of the United States of America.

What about if they stop putting their limitations and convictions on someone else? It came across to me as a bit pious. Judgemental. It's great if you want to have your opinions about what God has called you to do. Just don't put them on others and call it gospel truth.

Sitting at the park, with other mommies, while your perfect little angels who are never going to mess up or make a bad choice, it is easy for you to say what is best for your family. Don't go projecting that onto other women though.

And I am a stay at home mom. I take my kids to the park. But I also respect the decision of capable women to have careers if they so choose. I am also a business woman running my own business.

I bet those moms on that interview have no problem with the sacrifices other women in their lives are making to serve them...such as:

Doctors (did a woman doc ever get up in the middle of the night while they were preggo???)
Admin Assistants
Founders of Non-profits

It just erks me that society can have such a double standard.

Personally, Shane and I are making the choice for me to stay home with my boys so that I can have more time to instill value into their lives. I model hard work to teach them good work ethic.

What are we saying to our children if we teach them to work hard. Work with excellence. BUT, there is a cap on the limits we'd like you to achieve. I would venture to say that those stay at home mom's who have such a problem with a woman running for VP, want the very best God has planned for their children.

Well, I suppose I'll get off my soap box. I'm just irritated at all the talk about that woman and her babies. Society is searching so hard for perfection. And they are so quick to be critical and JUDGEMENTAL. A quality that I despise. Especially in believers.

God is a God of grace and he has a good work planned for all his children.

And why is noone concerned with what kind of father Barack Obama is going to be to his little girls if he wins the Presidency?

One last thing. The fashion of Michelle Obama, Cindy McCain, and Sarah Palin is off the charts. They are so pretty. Every one of them. I love seeing them on TV so I can see what kind of sassy outfits they are styling! I'm seeing some good coffee table books in about 20 years!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Somewhere Over The Rainbow...

skies are blue...

We are preparing to possibly have to evacuate our house because of flooding. I've got baby stuff packed up and am trying to let the kids sleep. Part of our home is sandbagged and the fire dept. is calling me when they get more in.

The Today show is on so we can watch the weather and I am reminded once again why I have stopped watching morning TV. It irritates me when I see all the idiots and their opinions in the world. (how rude of me does that sound)


People are so passionate about their political opinions.

It makes me wander if they spend even a fourth of the time praying for the nominations as they do speaking boldly about their opinions (i'm talking about the people on tv here). Maybe if I knew the people personally it would make a difference because I'd know where they were coming from. I'm just having a hard time hearing perfect strangers chime in on their views.

(***I just deleted a lot of comments so I wouldn't be like the people who have been irritating me this morning, but let me say Shane is so excited that I've jumped onto a bandwagon. Do you like my red bandanna?!***)

Thankfully the lady promoting her new veggie peeler is on now so we can get off Sarah Palin and the stay at home mom's chiming in on the expectations this is putting on them.

All this irritation in my heart about the news has made me realize I am not praying for the elections like I ought to be. It's a big year. It's a big deal who wins.

Romans 13:1 says that "All authorities that exist have been established by God."

Prov 21:1 says that "The Kings heart is in the hands of the Lord, he directs it like a watercourse wherever He pleases."

I'm going to try to start praying more for this election of November 2008.

Sorry for a venting post. Those are usually not the most fun to read. This weather is reeking havoc on my hair. Hopefully my hacienda won't be floating away. If you see it passing by, take a moment to give it some props! You know, a shout out. And if our tomato garden is with it, feel free to take any maters that may still be hanging on for dear life!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We are getting the rain today. It is coming down in big slanted sheets.

It has been a gloriously lazy day. Some of our friends who live overseas came and played this morning while they are here in the states. It was a blast. We had grilled cheese sandwiches Anna Style-that means loaded up with sauteed onions, peppers, tomatoes and cheese and potato chips.

We've been playing movies all day long. A real treat around here.

All the lamps and candles have been lit today. It is dark outside and has been most of the day.

The chocolate chip cookies are baking in the oven. Two of the three kids are still sleeping. Tonight we get to go to commutity group which is always a blast.

This kind of dreary day reminds me that I have a tea-pot that whistles on my list of things I want for the fall. Afternoons like this need some good tea.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Man this place is like a ghostown.

Where in the world is everyone? Hanging out by the grill? Well, I'm still here. And I've got something' for ya'll...

Clean up on Aisle 5...

This was just about as fun to clean up as the Dishwashing Liquid spill of 08'. This bottle decided to tumble off the top of the dryer and onto the floor...

Smelled very good. But, got on my mop head. I mistakenly thought I got the mop head cleaned off good, and preceded to mop. Yikes. No good-a. We figured out how to wash the mop head and now the floors are sparkling again. But for a day it was like, I hope you plan to stay in the kitchen awhile if you enter, because your feet will be sticking to the floor.

And I do mean sticking.

And you know how I am about my floors.

It was rough.

But we're better now.

Shaneboy is out fishing this morning with Chad. We had some donuts for breaky and are chillin' in our PJ's. It is a holiday! Even though so far, it feels like every other day. It is more fun knowing that it is a holiday though.

Last night we got our grill on. Burgers, Dogs, Grilled Veggies, Onion dip, Rotel Cheese dip and Peanut Butter Pie.

Well, little bit is crying so I'm out! Over.