Saturday, August 8, 2009


(i'm not sure why our new Nikon takes yellow pictures or how to change it)

Today the boys and I spent the day with Nana. We ran around all the fun little shops in town. I purchased these two wicker baskets for the guest bathroom. I love the Shabby Chic look and am trying to veer toward that in my decorating choices.

The one basket over the La toilette has four rolls of toilet paper. I'm thinking of looking for some clear labels. Wouldn't it be cute to put labels with our last name monogrammed in a black script font on each roll? Shee Shee Fa Fa eh?

The white wicker basket contains 2 rolled up white bath towels and a bottle of Egyptian Cotton linen spray. I added an iron cross and on the other side of the sink I put my new Homecoming Tyler Candle. It smells like fall-football games, cinnamon & orange, yum.

It is amazing the spa like feel two baskets can make in a room. The white is a nice, clean and fresh touch.


Geidlbots said...

You probably need to correct the white balance feature on your camera--this is the function that helps determine what kind of light you're using to photograph--natural light, shade, flourescent, or tungsten bulbs. I hope that helps!

Becke' said...

Homecoming Tyler candle, huh? I think I might need a little sniff of that!