Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello, I Can See You

Excuse me sir. My name is Anna. I'm the one in the big red bus with 18 kids sitting to your immediate right. We can all see you picking your nose while we wait for the light to turn.

You are not driving the house of fun mirrors where you can see out but we can't see in. In fact, your blue Ford has no tinting at all and it's freaking my kids and me out.

OK Kids, let's just look elsewhere.

Ahh yes, much better. Hello UPS Lady. Wow, I am lovin' the oscillating fan attached to your dash. What a clever idea. With the hot flashes I get myself into these days that would be a nice addition to the bus. And oh my word. Lovin' the embroidered UPS socks. That is coordination at it's best.

What's everyone honkin' for? Oh yeah, the light is green and that means GO!


Carpool Queen said...

You just don't see a lot of embroidered socks any more.

For a reason.

PS - Thanks for stopping by!

Jenny said...

hahaha... GREAT randomness!

In His Army said...


Leslie said...

MAN! I hope you never see ME at a light.=)

New Every Morning said...

SO funny!!! Sometimes I want to stick my knuckle in my nose (to look like I'm picking) and exaggerate what they are doing back at them =)

Kelli said...

Amen and amen. My pet peeve is car driving nose pickers. As if, somehow, the car is a cloak of invisibility. Awkward. The UPS lady, however, seems lovely. Glad she was there for a pleasant distraction :)