Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot Flashes

Do you ever get a hot flash?

I sure do. Sweet older ladies like to say, "Honey, you're too young for hot flashes."

Well that is all fine and dandy but how else to you explain episodes of profuse sweating that wreak havoc on the beautification process every morning, ah, let's be real, every afternoon just before the hubster gets home?

I guarantee you I remember my 30 year old Mama havin' her some hot flashes when we were girls. I remember praying to God every time we got into the car that this would be the year Santa brought warm, hooded, Eskimo coats for our summer excursions.

Call it what you will but I am one hot mama.


Jenny said...

you are indeed one HOT mama! and YES, I've had my fair share of hot flashes... I had to go through a years worth of treatments for my endometriosis which puts you through menopause during the treatments and it was unbelievable. Older ladies always said, "honey, you don't know what a hot flash is"... ugghh!! WRONG!

Kim said...

Too funny! Yeah, I have them too. Some mornings I'm sweating before I even finish getting ready. So much for the shower, right??? Last Sunday morning I had to take two separate breaks and stand in front of the box fan until I cooled off a little. I refuse to believe it's related to age, though. :) Thanks for the compliments on the girls!

Newly and Forever, Tamantha said... even! No woman with hormones is immune from hot flashes!

New Every Morning said...

Ahhh, the joy of realizing we're not in our 20's anymore.

At least you're not growing horns =)

Amy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and making my day with your sweet comment!

I'm 35, and I swear I'm getting hot flashes as well. Whether it's probable or not, I just feel warm all the time. And not in the good, cozy, toasty way. More of the need to carry little hankies around with me to mop up the little beads of perspiration popping up all over. Sheesh!

Leslie said...

You are a hawt momma!
I get 'em too. Mostly I'm cold natured, but occasionally I'll get so hot I'll just start taking clothes off! HA!

Lauren said...

i can totally empathize, anna! i'm 23 and just as soon as i can get my face all powdered and nice, i'm sweating it off- and NO ONE else is hot! what's the deal with that?!