Friday, August 21, 2009

Night Night

This morning I've been dusting, windexing, cleaning floors, bathrooms, washing sheets, the whole nine yards. These little buckaroo's will sleep good tonight. This is my gift to myself: Clean Sheets! I wash them in Mountain Spring Tide & April Fresh Downy.
Here is a Family Fun Night Idea for you: Load up the bus, go to the store, get the fixin's for Banana Splits. Head home and sit at the table and play games while you enjoy your Ice Cream!
Happy Friday Everyone-TGIF!


Jenny said...

Oh, I love the pics of them sleeping... how peaceful!

In His Army said...

They look so sweet...Yay for you for teaching them to sleep in their own beds! :) My gift to myself would be clean sheets, and an extra inch on the side I sleep on so I wouldn't be trying so hard to fit in the bed. 4 people do not fit in a queen bed very comfortably! :) Especially when they sleep as wild as my two little ones!!!