Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day Of School

Preparation for school began last night. Shane says every school has a janitor. This is him cleaning the kitchen getting ready. What a great dad.
Meanwhile, I was getting our lessons, notebooks & supplies ready.

This morning Shane told the boys-Come On! Get in the bus, we're going to school today! He drove them around the block. Very sweet.

A very excited red haired boy.

A very excited 5 year old.

The boys running to go inside! I love the excitement in this picture.

Their teacher giving them big hugs.

I LOVE these boys.

So many fun new things.

Daddy reading the first lesson.

We chose to begin school today because Shane was home. I love this picture of him getting us started. The first thing he did was pray and we dedicated our year to the Lord. What a fun first day we had. The boys have on their new little outfits. We practiced writing F & E (Frog Jump Letters). We worked on site words. We counted using M & M's. We read books, had a Bible time, said the pledge (which they already almost knew-shocking because I did not teach them that), and did a few more things . It was a sweet morning of spending time together.

The baby slept while we did school. Good boy!


Megan said...

Oh my! Driving them around the block in the van is PRICELESS! What a great dad!!

Kim said...

Oh, Anna! I'm so happy for you and your boys. All the special touches are soooo sweet. You'll do great home-schooling!

Jennifer said...

That's so sweet! I love the part about driving them to school, and the fact that Shane got to be there for the first day.

So do you think Jibbers will always nap during school time? That's one thing I've never understood about homeschooling--how people teach their older ones while they have babies/toddlers in the house. I know I sure don't get much done around here while Anna is up and about.

Leslie said...

You look like a wonderful teacher! It looks like the boys are having a blast and you and Shane are too. I love the picture of him reading to the boys. Such sweet precious moments we are getting to have with our sweet babes!=)
Love the school bus idea, by the way.

Mae said...

You guys are tooo cool! I know God will bless your first year! And your obedience to Him. :)