Friday, August 7, 2009

Homeschoolin' Mama

Well, I wanted to share our big announcement. We are not pregnant and we are homeschooling our oldest son this year. A few months ago I registered him in the public school. After I did that I was very heavy hearted about the decision. There was no peace in my heart at all about the decision.

After lots of prayer and talking to moms with older sons we decided to wait on public school for a year. Last Friday I went and withdrew his registration in the public school. After I did it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest. That same day I got an invite from a friend to attend a homeschool meeting that very night. There was a panel of 5-6 ladies who each shared about their style of schooling and how they teach. What timing.

We left that meeting and I felt so excited. Yesterday I went to the Superintendant's office and turned in my letter of intent to homeschool this year. When I walked out of that office I was so very excited feeling. I was praying about it on the way home. No wait, we went to Targe'. I was praying on the way to Targe' and telling God how it was so funny He has called us to homeschool this year. This is not something I would have chosen for our family if I was choosing. But it is something I am doing out of obedience because I feel like God impressed it very strong on my heart to try it.

When I tried to ignore it and enroll us in public school I was so heavy hearted about the decision. The minute I changed our course of action toward homeschooling I can't tell you the peace, joy and excitement my heart felt. I'd say my biggest fear about the whole deal is 2 fold. The first is fear of the unknown. The second is wandering what people will think about us.

It's fun though. Stepping forward into the unknown. Doing it not because I chose to, but because I really feel this is the path God is leading us down for right now.


team larsen said...

We've decided that we're keeping Kate home this year too. :) It should be a fun and challenging year!

Jenny said...

How exciting! I'm SO excited because Andrew has got a wonderful teacher this year for Kindergarten. She's a pastor's wife and seems very sweet... he's SO excited about going... he ask daily how many more days ;)

Alison said...

That is awesome! I'm glad you now have the peace that passes all understanding regarding this situation. You will have a blast with homeschooling!

New Every Morning said...

It is amazing how much peace can come from surrender! It will be a grand journey =)

To answer (sort of) your question about curriculum: since we are homeschooling 3, we have decided to use a mixture of several curriculums to match each of my children's strengths/weaknesses. It's crazy, but works!