Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sleepy but wound up!

Today was simply amazing. I promise my blog is not going to turn into a school review 24/7, today was just such a pivotal day for our family. It was pivotal for me because I'm trying something in sheer faith. I think I shared earlier how we were enrolled in public school and I was so burdened with that decision. I fought the decision to HS, and only when I obeyed and withdrew our registration did I have peace.

Over the course of the last two months, this desire to try HS has never gone away. To see the people and new friends that have been placed in our lives is almost comical. New friends on the same journey. It makes me laugh to see all the new faces in our life walking this same road. Only God would see fit to give us encourager's like he has.

Part of the reason I fought so hard against trying this is because we have amazing schools in our area. Really top notch schools with Christian principles. Amazing teachers. So, no part of our decision to HS is because we're trying to protect our boys from culture or whatever (in these early years anyway). I still don't understand why God has called us to this season. It is not what I would have chosen if I were choosing. I only took one semester of teaching in college, then quickly switched to Marketing, then to Fashion & Interior Design which was where I finally found my niche. So the idea of me teaching makes me laugh.

I can tell you this though. I felt so at home with my boys this morning. It felt like the perfect fit. The joy of obeying has been overwhelming in my spirit today. Knowing that these little boys are under our wings this year makes me happy. Knowing that we have another year with them to sow the seeds of the truth of God's Word and his love for them during the entire day makes me giddy. They are just little guys and they are going to be gone in a heartbeat. Today I realized one of the perks of HS is that we get to spend so much time together this year.

Tonight in Book Club we talked about how as women it is easy to compare our lives to other people's lives. It is one of Satan's favorite tactics to make us doubt where God has us right now and get sidetracked. Get us distracted with discontentment over our current circumstances. The beauty of this life on earth is that our lives do not all exactly look the same. Tomorrow there are going to be little one's getting on school buses, being dropped off by parents and it is going to be absolutely joyous for these little guys to meet their new teachers and come home and tell mom all about their wonderful day!

So that's that. Just thought I'd hop on and post that my heart is full tonight. Full of the joy of doing something I did not want to do but seeing God's blessings already. I mean the joy us almost uncontainable! Don't you love that verse in Malachi 3 where God says bring your entire tithe into my storehouse? Bring me everything you've got. Then watch me. Watch me. See if I don't throw open the storehouses of heaven into your life. You are not going to have room for all the blessings. Watch me!


Megan said...

Beautiful, Anna!

A friend of mine who has four kids (and is pregnant with her fifth!:) and is an amazing encouragement to me homeschools her older 3 kids. (She was at Hendrix for a year and knows Shane) Her blog is thejoyfulchaos.com. She also writes for an online homeschooling journal called the Heart of the Matter. The link is on her blog. Her name is Suzanne, by the way.

Becke' said...

Rejoicing with you! The post below about the drive in the school bus is hilarious! Your boys looked sharp in their new duds! You will be awesome at this! I am proud of you and can't wait to see the fruit of your obedience.

Leslie said...

Love this post. I'm so so glad that you are in my life. Seriously.
Sorry I suck at talking on the phone. Really one of the things I hate most is talking on the phone. Email, facebook,even IM and I'm good, but put me on the phone and I come out sounding like a hard breathing crazy person. BUT, point of this is that I'm SO glad to have you in my boat with me. SO SO glad God brought my family back home.