Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let's Run & Hide

This morning I woke up in a B.A.D. mood. The second my eyes opened I could just feel the overwhelming-ness of the day looming before me. You know that anxious feeling you get sometimes when you feel you have a million things to do and your feet have not even hit the floor?

The right thing to do is to keep my mouth closed tight when I feel this way on the inside. Don't be deceived, a cuss word or two escaped my mouth when I was cleaning up the boys room. You don't want to sin in your anger and oops, there it went.

After a flurry of tidying the house the boys went to play and I sat down in my chair with my Bible feeling very unworthy and defeated in my thoughts and attitude. After some time confessing to God about what a rotten no good mood I was in today I opened my Bible. Man, when He talks to you it is so good. This is what He said to me.

I declare new things in your life Anna. Before they spring up I announce them to you. I open your eyes from blindness so that you can see new things. I free captives from prison. I release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness. I have called you into righteousness. I have called you. I have called you and I will take hold of your hand. I will keep you and make you. I will make you into what I want you to be. My unfailing love for you will not be shaken. I have compassion on you. Great will be your children's peace. The Spirit helps you in your weakness.

What if God does not turn his face away from me in disgust when I have a moment of weakness? What if he looks at me in my weakness and sees me with eyes of compassion? What if he has brand new things planned for me this very day that I can take hold of if I don't run and hide? He said he will declare new things in your life. He said he will open your eyes from blindness so you can see. He said he will free you from prison. He said if you've been sitting in darkness in a dungeon he will release you. He said he will keep you and make you. He said he'll make you into what he wants you to be. He said his unfailing love will not be shaken. He said he will help us in our weakness.

In case you are interested the baby just spilled my full cup of coffee all over my desk, papers, etc so I had to take an intermission to clean up a mess. One kid is on the toilet and one is in his room singing Jesus Loves Me. 3 cheese sticks have been consumed by 3 kids and one dirty diaper has been changed during the writing of this post. Thank you and have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

you have the ability to keep it real (and hilarious)...thank you for the precious word that can be so applicable if we let it!
Oh, and chin up! It is GNO!

Leslie said...

Love this post. Next time you have a lot to do, tell someone, I'll bet you can find someone to HELP you.=)

Samantha said...

That was really good - I love the thought of God looking at us with eyes of compassion, because so often I forget that side of God.

New Every Morning said...

Hahaha! I love how REAL this post is. Girl, I have been there!
Thank you for the beautiful scripture to remind me that He delights in me. Perfectly timed.

Jenny said...

always a good word over at Bugs! ;)

and i uploaded a pic of the porch and butterfly garden for ya;)