Thursday, August 27, 2009

Afternoon Prep

When do you like to start on dinner? 4:00pm is a great time for me to start getting things together. Ya'll know 6:00pm is my cut-off for household chores. That is the time that we are sitting around the table for dinner.
Some days I'll even begin preparing dinner during lunch when the boys are sitting quietly at the table eating their healthy, nutritious lunch having uplifting conversation with each other. Ha Ha Ha.

The 6:00pm cut-off has been great for family time & for me personally. It has eased a lot of frustration for Shane, & I like knowing when I am done for the day. In the olden' days I'd be trying to get in one more load of laundry before bed, etc. The expectation that 6 is when family time starts is great. The discipline of plan ahead or deny yourself has been life changing. Can't tell you enough good things about it!

Some nights I like to go all out with dinner. On nights when I go all out with dinner, I like to have a glass of wine while I cook. It is so relaxing and makes it a fun time for me. Even if it is a glass of tea with a slice of lemon in a fancy glass. Just something a little extra special for yourself while you work.

Do you put on music while you prepare dinner for your family? Nora Jones is perfect cooking music.


Anonymous said...

OH dem Boyz dem Boyz. What Joyz I get from dem Schweet Schweet Boyz!

I love the dinner music and wine idea. Whatever it takes to make you feel special and pampered, and in the mood to serve up something good to your Loved Ones. Sometimes I'll have on the cooking channel and that's fun, too.

I think a big part of the family dinner experience is setting the mood with music, candles, etc. to make it all special. From start to finish it should be fun - a labor of love.

Love Ya Little Miss Betty Crocker!


Leslie said...

I often listen to Nora whilst cooking as well. I'd suggest the Nora Jones channel on Fab-u-lo-so!
I do the same with din din, btw. I start whenever things are quiet or bt 4. We usually eat at 5 though.

Amanda said...

Will you send me a few ideas your family likes? We eat dinner together, as well, and I love to cook, yet it is hard to find something we (the kids) all like! I can send you some of our favorites, as well.

Kim said...

First of all, those rolls you have in the picture are AWESOME!!! I bought them at WM a while back and took them out to cook them quickly realizing I have to plan ahead to use those suckers. UGH, I thought. I wouldn't BUY rolls if I had to PLAN HOURS in advance to fix them. Little did I know how much they would SO BE WORTH IT!!! They are delicioso! One of my favs.

Second of all, I just love the notes from your mom. It's easy to see where your spunk and fun-filled spirit comes from.

And lastly, if you and Amanda share recipes, you'll have to post some for the rest of us not so blessed with the love of cooking like you two. It might just inspire us. :)