Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wind Damage

Shingles blew off our roof because of the 50mph winds we had yesterday, but that's not all. You can see part of the fence that blew down in the background. Luckily a wintry mix is moving in tommorow, so the roof damage happened just in time. The roofer came today and put a nice bright blue tarp over this part of the roof, until they can come fix it for good.
This is part of our fence that is hanging on for dear life. See how it is leaning and the posts are starting to come out from the ground.
I don't know what this picture is about?! Yesterday when the crazy loud winds came through we were all napping. Before long, I had two little boys in bed with me asking what was happening. It was pretty scary sounding.
The fence literally fell down.
One minute it was leaning like in the first picture, the next it was flat on the ground. Yesterday the weather was crazy all around. The high was 76, and before the boys went down I told them we'd go outside and play when they woke up. Needless to say, when we woke up in Kansas we decided to choose life and stay inside. By last night around 6pm, the temp had dropped to the low 40's.

When Shane got home, SP said, "Dad, maybe you better get some glue and paint and fix that fence." He's been watching Bob the Builder so his problem solving skills are really developing as you can see :)!


David Felio said...

Wow! So sorry you have to deal with that. I was admiring the seeming randomness of the lost shingles in our neighborhood yesterday. The neighbor on one side didn't have any visible damage. We have several shingles that are bent up, but none out-right missing. The neighbors on the other side have a large section missing. The whole area was like that - one house would be practically stripped bare on one side and the houses on either side wouldn't have much damage at all.

I can't believe it took out the fence!

Jenny said...

Uggghhhh... that's horrible. We lost several shingles, also. It was super crazy. Maybe Andrew and Parker can come over with some glue and help out with the fence:)

team larsen said...

Unbelievable! That stinks!!! Glad everyone is okay though!