Friday, January 11, 2008

Modems, Baby Powder, Bueno

Hello Friends! I found out this week that we have something called a modem and it makes me be able to check email and be online! The little green lights stopped working on the little machine thing, so I had to call AT&T and I spoke with Hugo who had a lovely accent from somewhere non Arkansan/Texan. It was a little awckward at first because I was like, "Uhhh, I can't check my email...and I want to be able to, and I don't know what's wrong, uh, awkward pause, and you might have to ask me some questions because I don't know what else I'm supposed to tell you except that I made some really good soup for dinner last night if you'd be interested in the recipe?!" He helped me figure out that my computer problem could be resolved by loading up the car with the fam, heading to Best Buy in Little Rock, dropping nearly $100 smokes on a new modem (which is really cute b/c it is smaller than our last one), and taking the kids to Chucker Cheeser's while we were in the LR! Those weren't his exact words, but close enough.

Now about the Baby Powder, so much to catch you up on since I've been out of pocket for nearly a week. Tuesday we were meeting my mom at Taco Bell for lunch. Before we left, I thought I'd fold and put away one more load of laundry. The boys were in their room, with the door shut, and they sounded so happy and cute. As I folded the little clothes and listened to them laughing and talking I thought about how sweet it was that they were playing so well together for the moment. I opened the bedroom door to put their clothes away and nearly got knocked down by the cloud of baby powder that was filling the room. There they sat, happy as larks, in front of the closet with white hair and clothes. It was a brand new bottle of powder, emptied. And they looked so proud and happy when I walked in. This is a second offense. There was no time for pictures because I had to get to my crunchy tacos.

They see me put baby powder in my hair on the 2nd and 3rd day when I don't want to wash my hair, so to some degree they might have been trying to mimic me. Nice.

Bueno. That's right, my obsession with Taco Bueno. Shane has to work tonight so we are going to Taco Bueno in Maumelle for dinner with my Mamaw and Parents. What a fabulous way to spend a Friday night. If anyone else wants to join us for Mexi Dips and Chips come on!! I'll drive.


becke' said...

i think you are the best blogger in the world! Always good for a laugh after I am thoroughly depressed after catching up with world events.

Jenny said...

Ahhhhhh, I love those times when the boys are playing by themselves and laughing..... even though deep down I know they're probably destroying something in the next room, it's still super sweet sounds:)

team larsen said...

AWESOME!!! I'm glad to hear that I don't have the only mischievious kiddos out there!

Cheers to being able to even eat Taco Bueno! I'll be joining you before too long!