Saturday, January 12, 2008

The First Day of Kindergarten

Well, not quite. Two of the 7th grade girls in our youth group and their mom took Stinky Pete to the movies tonight to see the Veggie Tales movie. After dinner, I hugged SP really big and told him how much I loved him. I asked him if he'd miss me and he said no. Shane said, "Anna, it's not the first day of Kindergarten, he's just going to the movies." After we dropped him and his car seat off at the Osborn's, I was a mess for a minute. It was stinkin' hard to let him be a big boy and go have a fun night out without me there, but I know he's having a blast.

We took Moose to the Nestle' place for cookies and ice cream. He stood in front of the cookie cake display the whole time and called the hogs, pretty dang cute if you ask me. We came home, got in our pj's, and Moose and I read two long books. Reading is his favorite thing to do besides eating. Now, he and Dad are playing the Star Wars Lego video game.

SP was so precious running off to get in the car with the Osborn's. He looked like such a big boy. Why does time have to fly so fast?

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Jenny said...

Ugghhh... I know. I just don't like it that my boys are getting so big:( I wish I could freeze time. Hope to see you at church tomorrow!!