Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Plum Wore Out

I know I already posted once today, but I just hopped on the computer for a little down time, and there is nothing going on in blog land. By 6pm tonight the boys were fed, bathed and in jimmers. It has been on of those draggy days for me. I've been super sleepy all week. Shane has worked late the last two nights, and it is just down right tiring to be on baby duty 24/7. I know lots of ya'll have hubbies who travel so you are right there with me on that one.

For a healthy pick me up snack this afternoon I had a bowl of Breyer's Choc/Straw/Vanilla ice cream and some potato chips. For dinner we had spaghetti and I added grated carrots to the sauce. I couldn't really even tell it was in there. Several friends have mentioned Jerry Seinfeld's wife who has written a book on sneaking veggies into your meals. I may check it out. Now I'm trying to get motivated to straighten up the house before Shane gets home so it will be nice for him, but really I just want to watch While You Were Sleeping and eat another bowl of ice cream.

If anyone wants to join me tomorrow at 10:30, we can meet at the library for story time, aka "bring our wild boys and get kicked out mid-story time". It always proves to be an entertaining and humbling time. That's it, it's ice cream time. Shane's nutritionist said try to eat before 7pm, so I gotta make it snappy.

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Stuart Fam said...

While you were sleeping is one of my all time faves!