Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Good Report!

First I have to thank God for giving me a photographic memory. I managed to find Medical Towers II at Baptist, maneuver the parking garage/elevators, and make it straight to the 8th floor on the first try! It's pretty scary going through all those corridors (since Shane was at home with the boys), but I made it! And the weather was 23 degrees, and I didn't even have a coat with me!

Our appt went great. All the measurements (heart, brain, fluids, limbs, etc) look great for 21 weeks. Our Dr. is measuring the blood flow in the brain to see if the baby is showing any signs of anemia and distress. The reason for our visit is that in my last pregnancy my body developed antibodies against the baby, but Moose turned out very healthy. At 8 weeks in this pregnancy, my antibody levels were already slightly higher than when I gave birth to Moose. If the antibodies cross into the placenta (baby) then the baby will start having signs of anemia because it is having to fight because its blood is being attacked. So far this baby looks great and is showing no signs of distress.

It was at this point in my last pregnancy that we first found out there was a potential for problems. At that time, my doc said they wanted to get me to 32 weeks before we had to deliver. I asked my doc about that today, and asked if we were completely out of the woods for this pregnancy since all looked good today. He couldn't say yes for sure, but since Moose turned out healthy (not requiring any blood transfusions, only a week stay in the hospital with blood trouble), that is favorable for this time. We'll go back in 4 weeks and see how the baby is doing. Getting to wait 4 weeks is a BIG relief, because the longer we can wait, if the baby does start having distress at some point, the survival rate is of course so much better.

Needless to say this good report was cause for celebration. At 10:30am PF Chang's probably wasn't open yet, so I settled for the next best thing-Taco Bueno in Maumelle. Don't even think I didn't have a late breakfast at 10:38am of a Nacho Salad and Sweet Tea with lots of lemons! I was in and out in less than 20 minutes!

When I got home, Shane opened the bottle of Sparkling Grape Juice to celebrate the good report. Thank you for praying for this little baby, I am so grateful to have such good friends and family.

Moose is feeling 100% and running around with his guns and swords this morning. Yeah for that! And I was a good girl and didn't find out the sex of the baby while Shane wasn't there. Plus the legs were crossed.


Jennifer said...

Yea! I'm so glad!

Jenny said...

Wonderful news!!! That's super! Me and the boys may go to the library tomorrow for story time if you guys are up to it...

Becke' said...

Praise the Lord! He is good and His mercies endure forever!

Sarah said...

Yeah! You really didn't peek? Are they sure it's not twin boys?