Monday, January 14, 2008

my wrist is killing me

So, I'm on my second day of awful wrist pain. I need my blog friends to help me figure out what's wrong so I don't have to pay money to go to the doctor. I am having trouble holding stuff, and it hurts most on my wrist, thumb and pointer finger. It is a shooting pain that makes me want to borrow all 92 hours of Page's Anne of Green Gables movies, bake chocolate chip cookies and cheese dip, and just watch movies and eat until the pain goes away. I could barely hold a wipe last night when changing Reed's diaper.

So far here is what I have diagnosed. Pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome due to increased fluid retention. It will require me to rest my wrist for at least two weeks and wear a splint, which means Shane gets to hire us a live in nanny/maid until I can resume normal daily activities. Do ya'll think that sounds about right?! hahaha. The bad thing is my wrist is good enough to check my email, unload the dishwasher, and cook a slammin' good birthday breakfast for Shane who turned 32 today!!! Happy Birthday Shaney!


David Felio said...

If it is CTS, you may be able to get away w/out a splint. I used to have CTS and could only type for an hour or so before my wrists were killing me. (This was at my old job where my desk was not as ergonomic as it is now.)

I got a pair of these and they worked surprisingly well: When you put them on, you don't see how in the world they are going to do any good, but then you type for a couple of hours and find that you aren't hurting like you used to.

Sewing stores sometimes stock these, so you might want to call around. I still my old pair; they are a bit raggedy, but if you want to try them, you are welcome.

Also, make sure you have good body position when you type. :-)

Happy birthday, Shane!

Megan said...

I thought it sounded like CTS from your description. I struggled with that a few months ago. I did rest it as I could, and I switched up the way I changed the boys' diapers--I put their heads at the other end of the table so that my hands had opposite jobs.

Maybe you could find different ways to do things so that your painful wrist does the least amount of work. I also recommend taking tylenol at regular intervals to help with the inflammation (I like motrin better but it can't be taken during pregnancy obviously).

David Felio said...

One other thing, when you sleep, try to make sure you don't fist-up your hands; that can exacerbate CTS. If you can keep them flat, that will help those tendons stay stretched out. For me, it felt really uncomfortable at first, but it does help.