Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bible Study!!!

Today the boys and I started back at BSF and it was AWESOME to be back!!! I bribed the boys with chocolate chips to get them pryed off my leg and into their classes. I need to remember to wear a tube top next time even though it's 14 degrees outside, because by the time I wrangle them out of the car and into their rooms and off my legs, I am one hot mama (not the cute kind, the overheated kind).

We got into the car after and I asked the boys what they learned at church. Moose just looked at me like huh?!?! But Stinky Pete said, "We not at church, we at Bible Study Fellowship Mom!!!" I said, "You are right, so what did you learn at Bible Study Fellowship?" SP said, " I went into my class and got God in my heart!!!" At lunch, we told Nana that story and Nana asked how it felt to get God in your heart. SP said, "Comfortable!" How sweet is that?!?!!!


Stuart Fam said...

That is a very precious story...ya know, the kind that makes you want 101 kids (without spots!)

Jenny said...

That's so sweet:) We were talking to Parker and Andrew about Jesus living in people's hearts the other day and Parker kept saying, "I feel Him, I'm soooo happy, I FEEL HIM, YAY!" It was so funny, we thought he sounded like a charismatic evangelist:)

Can't wait to see your preggo self in that tube top!