Friday, January 4, 2008

Cleaning & Decluttering

Shane cleaned out our garage and we can park BOTH cars in it now!!! We are on a cleaning/organizing spree and it feels great. I started the Flylady cleaning system about 6 years ago, and it is amazing. If any of you are looking for a way to keep your house looking fabulous, this is the system for you. I am not a natural detailed or organized person. But, the main thing she has tought me is the value of daily routines, that become so normal you don't even think of them. She has 3 steps for beginners that really do work. Also, Martha has a link for 6 steps to daily cleaning, they are awesome tips & easy, very doable things that add up to make a big impact on the way your house looks .

There is something about a decluttered, picked up house that is so peaceful. At night when the kids go to bed, you can actually feel relaxed when the house is tidy. And there is NOTHING better than waking up to a tidy house. It makes the whole morning and day go smoother. I am finding that when my house is in order, everything else falls into order as well. Meals, naptimes, bedtimes, running errands, etc.

If any of you have any house cleaning or organizing tips I'd love to hear them. Or things you do to help you get rid of things and let go of them.

For months I've been online shopping for bigger houses, but as I am cleaning my own house, and downsizing stuff, it is making me love our current house so much. I'd love to hear your tips!


Stephanie said...

Amen sister!!! You know how i feel about that since i am your most anal friend. Kevin always teases me and says if he doesn't touch something for 3 days it goes in the garage sale pile!

Jenny said...

MIssed you at church today... Shane said Reed was still sick:( Hope all is well soon!

Sambo said...

OK I had no idea you had a blog - and I am so excited because I can keep up with y'all now that I am in Fayetteville!

I hope Reed is feeling better... poor bud. I felt so bad calling y'all in the middle of your date for something that I could have taken care of.

Oh, and the garage did look FABULOUS-so much better than before!