Monday, January 14, 2008

Birthday Asphyxiation

Definition of Birthday Asphyxia: a condition of severely deficient supply of oxygen to the body that arises from being unable to breathe normally.

Also known as what happened on our way home from dinner tonight. Tonight was one of those perfect nights that come along once in a...well, never. It was the first family night of perfection we may have ever had?! Mamaw joined us for Shane's birthday dinner, the kids ate free, we got a free chocolate mess, the boys behaved really good except for the occasional getting out of the chair's to dance and get a whoo-hoo.

On the car ride home is when things took a turn for the worse. Somebody (who shall remain nameless because I wouldn't want Shane to get embarrassed even though I think it was one of his proudest moments) let a silent big one. Folks, I'm talking I'll be having nightmares tonight. It gets worse though. The frickin' child safety locks were activated on the windows. Yep, you read me right we were on lock-down in a most crucial time.

Then sweet Mamaw, with her prim & proper 83 year old Southern East Texas draw says, "I believe someone let out a Rooty Tooty!!!"


Tricia said...

Anna! Do you remember me from CCF? I could never stop admiring your eye shadow colors! HA!

I have so enjoyed reading your blog and catching up on your family (which I found via Heather's blog). Your boys are so cute, and you are hilarious!

Take care!
Tricia :-)

Jenny said...

Cam and I are rolling over that one:) I was all sleepy and ready for bed and now I can't quit laughing.... nothing worst than the old dreaded lock down, Cam has done that to us a few time:)

team larsen said...

That is not right! It made me start gagging just hearing about it. :)

Sarah said...

Just goes to show what a "perfect" night is surrounded by boys. Nate will be proud.

Dana said...

That is hillarous!.. I can so see your grandma saying that.