Sunday, January 13, 2008

5 Wierd Things About Me

Heather tagged me to post 5 weird things about myself, so here goes:

1) Pull thru parking spots are a source of great joy for me.

2) A perfectly wonderful snack for me is a pringle topped with mustard and a hamburger dill pickle slice.

3) I love to look in people's refrigerator/freezer's. It is very interesting to see what is in your fridge, ya'll buy cool stuff like raspberry tea concentrate. I also like to see what is in your shower. It is so tempting when I'm using the loo at someones house, to just pull the shower curtain to, and see what kind of shampoo and soap you have. I'd like to make it sound nice and say God just created me to be curious, but really, I'm just nosey. Don't worry though, I never go through bathroom drawers. In fact, it totally stresses me out if I'm using someones bathroom and I have to open the cabinet to search for a new roll of toilet paper. It makes me feel like I just looked in your underwear drawer, so please, keep your toilet paper rolls well stocked.

4) There are certain drinks I have to have with certain foods. chocolate/water, mexican/coke, seafood/dr.pepper, steaks/sweet tea with lemon

5) I like to drive around and look at people's yard, and their edging jobs. I LOVE a well-manicured yard. One time this year, my neighbor and I drove around the neighborhood and just checked out people's yards. It was such a blast.

I tag Jenny and Becke' to post 5 weird things about themselves!

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