Monday, January 21, 2008

What I Love About My Fam

  • Shane is a huge servant and thoughtful person. Not just to me, but to everyone he knows. He'll do sweet things like clean the garage out so I can park in it and not have to defrost my windows, bring me a drink when I'm in the bedroom working on Bible Study, clean the house while I'm out running around, one time I had a friend in town and when we got back he had vacuumed new lines in the carpet (heaven!), turned on all my lamps because he knows I love good lighting, and had chocolate chip cookies in the oven for us to enjoy when we got home.
  • Shane is a GREAT Dad! The ultimate wrestler with the boys and they adore him. There is nothing Shane won't do for the boys and he takes the greatest care of them, even bathes and dresses them most of the time.
  • He is funny, especially when he pulls out his "A Game" material. It is great to have a house filled with humor and craziness.

Stinky Pete

  • SP is the most thoughtful, considerate 3 year old I've ever seen. If you come over and don't have a drink, he just thinks to ask you if you want one. If you don't have food he will ask you if you want some. I have not taught him to do this, it's just who he is. His 3 year old friend Chloe was leaving last week, and he helped her put on her coat, so cute.
  • SP is a social butterfly and has never met a stranger. He'll ask everyone what there name is. When he was only around 1 1/2, he'd stand at the end of the driveway and say Hi to every runner or walker that went by our house. Once he even invited a lady walking down the street to come to church with us.
  • You love to give hugs, pisses and high sives (hugs, kisses, high fives) to most anyone. It could be the mail lady, you'll give em' lovin'!


  • You are a strong little boy and you are a fighter, you have been since you were in my tummy. You had a rough ride and were a sick baby when you were born, staying an extra week at Hotel Conway Regional for extra care. Well, you bounced back and are a little bruiser and have earned the nickname Moose. That is because you could run full force into a brick wall, crack the wall, and throw your head back in a husky laugh as if to say, "I owned that wall!"
  • On the other hand, you are the cuddliest little thing with the squishy-est cheeks, you suck your thumb and sleep with your blanky. You come up and say, "Hold me!" Every morning by 5am, you have climbed into our bed for some snugglin' and it's so cute!
  • You are smart-you love books and puzzles. You get the most concerned look on your face when you're reading a book, so sweet. And you love to play and entertain yourself, all in all you are a little doll!!!

Baby #3

  • You are very active and seem like you like to play. Last night I noticed you got the hiccups and it was really fun. You also woke me up at 5am this morning and wouldn't let me go back to sleep until I got up, ate 3 double stuf Oreo's and had a glass of milk. You may have a sweet tooth, which is fine, but what about if you don't wake me up till 8am next time?! Deal or No Deal!?

Note: I don't ever want my blog to paint a picture that we have a perfect, all put together life. Sometimes when I read sweet things about other people, Satan can plant seeds of comparison or discontentment in my heart. I never want that to happen with my blog. I give God the praise for how far he's brought our family, and for the sweet season of life we are enjoying right now. It started out pretty hard, and now it seems like every year it is getting easier. He has been faithful to us to never leave us and to transform our stubborn hearts, and I am CRAZY about these boys I live with (and is there another girl among us, who knows!?!)! Anyway, they are 4 of my FAVORITE gifts from above!!!

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Jennifer said...

Mine had the hiccups last night too. :-) She only lets me sleep until 4 AM before she decides she wants some cereal and orange juice. No point in trying to go back to sleep--I've learned I might as well get up and eat!