Monday, January 28, 2008

I LOVE my job!

For so many reasons. It is my job as a jewelry lady to buy jewelry and to shop. I'm not necessarily a shopper, but I like to know what is out there and what is trendy for the season. I like that I don't always feel frumpy anymore. I absolutely adore the company I work for. Not once over the course of our training this weekend, or any training I've ever attended for that matter, did the leaders put emphasis for our business on selling a product. The emphasis is always on people, and making a difference in people's life. It's never about a bottom line.

I heard the funniest quote this weekend. Someone said if you can't loose it, decorate it. Since I'm weighing in at 178 these days, I'm taking that advice and decorating like crazy. Bracelets are my new found love. I love the way they jingle around, that is a great noise! We got a new chunky turquoise necklace in our new line that I can't wait to wear, and there is lots of matte silver. I love the matte gold or silver look, it seems classy to me.

One of my favorite things of the weekend was yesterday morning when one of my roomies and me had a quiet time together. We read Prov 26 together and talked through the verses. It was a very fun time!

Shane was sweet as always, keeping things running perfectly smoothly on the homefront while I was gone. He does the sweetest things to surprise me when I go on these trips. One time he rearranged all the guest beds in two of our rooms to create an office space for me to work. This time he had our carpets professionally cleaned. I can't even say how excited I was about that, it was a great surprise! I don't even mind confessing that I struggle with carpet envy on blogs. If you post a picture and you have good lookin' carpet, I always have to go repent :)!


Stuart Fam said...

I am so thankful that it isn't my carpet that makes you sin!

Jenny said...

hehehehe:) that's so funny! you crack me up with the carpet envy and that's soooo sweet of Shane!
So to answer your question about when we got a dog... what a story. My dad's friend gave two puppies to Andrew and Parker, how sweet huh:(, so we've had them for almost a year. They decided to enlarge the family and have another puppy and of yes, the mom and dad are indeed brother and sister. crazy, huh? but what a cute puppy:) hey I just got an idea of what I'll give Luke for his birthday!