Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random Stuff

{Before I start this post, I just looked at the picture I posted of the boys in the previous post. Don't think I don't know what ya'll are all thinking when you look at SP. You didn't say it, but you are telling your loved ones I should feed the kid some Fiber One! The good news is we FINALLY ran out of the one-ply family pack of toilet paper and are back in 2 ply land! I'll repost the pic just to jog your memories in case you're not in the mood to scroll down}

{aren't these bracket looking things cool? i just noticed them on my keybooard. they are fun. you should try them out.}

So, this afternoon I sat down in my comfy chair to read my Bible and I'll be derned if the FedEx man didn't knock on my door with a new box of jewelry samples. I got the box and tried to not open it and do first things first. Well, you know how well that went over. I thought, I'll just open that one ring I got to make sure it fits. A plethora of gold boxes and a heart full of giddyness later I was Mr.T'd up and ready to read me some Matthew 14. I think it's the way God would have wanted it anyway.

Why do my kids insist on running around naked? Tonight my parents, mamaw and aunt came over for dinner. In no time flat, there the boys are almost naked as jaybirds shaking their little booty's. Sometimes it feels so redneck around our house, but honestly I wouldn't trade it.

Today when I vacuumed the vacuum cleaner started smoking. I dunno what that was about, but it seems like a fire hazard maybe?

Last night 2 of my friends and myself went to dinner with all 5 of our kids to cash in on the kids eat free promotion. The funny thing is we are all pregnant and I know we just looked crazy. None of our husbands were with us because they were all working. It was a sight to see.

Today Jennifer and I went to Becke's for a recipe swap. I copied all Paula Dean stuff down today-mostly desserts. I got so tickled. At one point it was so loud because all of our boys were running around being LOUD, wrestling, etc, and there us moms are at the table completely oblivious to the noise, leisurly copying recipes and flipping through cookbooks sipping Mai Tai's, or was it Diet Dr.Peppers? Yeah, I can't remember, but what happens at mid-day recipe swaps stays at mid-day recipes swaps.


Megan said...

you're awesome! i love your perspective on the world in which you live. just had to tell ya.

Jenny said...

A couple of comments...

First off, why naked as jaybirds. I have always said that but never really understood where that came from??
{Second.... I bet your vaccuum cleaner needs a new belt, I could be wrong but if it uses a belt, and it's worn it would smell like that}

Okay, one more comment:) I think Reed looks so much like Shane in that pic, not that Shane walks around with a silly expression but I totally see so much resemblance in them!

Jennifer said...

I was going to provide an answer on the "naked as a jaybird" question, but after a whopping 5 minutes of Google research, all I found was that no one really knows the origin. Interesting question, though.