Monday, January 31, 2011

Living Room Charm

Charming.  Nice.  Lovely.  Pleasant.  Delightful.  Inviting.  To delight with beauty.  Do you know who has the most charming living room?  Shopgirl in You've Got Mail.  The feel of her apartment makes me smile.  This is Living Room week and I want mine to say Charming.  That means time to show a little extra love to the room where we kick of our shoes to relax.  Here is a little preview of some changes I made to my living room.  It was time to freshen up around here.  My glittery ice skate mantle got traded in for Robin's Egg Blue and White.
I know you are impressed at the pretty white flowers I grew and potted over the weekend.

Tommorow I'll show you how I took out and rearranged what I did not love in this space.  I will tell you my living room is making me all kinds of happy!  It is more simple and every single thing in the space makes me smile.  For today, if you want to get a jump start, put everything away in your living room and give it a quick dust, windex and vacuum.  Make a mental note as you work on the feel of your room.  You don't have to go spend one dime to change the feel.  Just look around and think about what words come to mind to describe your space.


Amanda said...

I love it! Wish you could come spruce up my den!!

Becke' said...

no wonder you have had 203 cups of coffee in the past couple of looks lovely!

Angela said...

Hey Anna,
I just found your blog. I saw a link on facebook today. I love it. I could sure use some inspiration around the house. I love how your personality shines through in your writing. Looking forward to reading more.