Monday, January 24, 2011

Bed & Breakfast Get Away Take II

Do you remember last year when we did a Bed and Breakfast get away in our own homes?  Click here to see what we did.

Before I give details, let me just say that I promise if you'll come on board with me and do this you will be so blessed.

This is the best thing I did for my home last year.  Really and truly it was therapeutic and such a treat.  So here is the deal.  We're doing it again this year.  Starting TODAY.  First let me give you an overview of what I am talking about.  This is the time of year where we are in the middle of winter.  Spring is 50+ days away and the walls can start to feel like they are closing in.  This is the perfect time of year while we are held indoors to love our homes and get them ready.

Can you go grab your calender?  Search for a date mid-to late February where the calender is empty right now.  When you find your weekend write Bed and Breakfast Getaway on the Friday/Saturday/Sunday.  Our getaway is February 17, 18, 19 and 20th. 

Now that this weekend is reserved for you and your family let me explain what the next few weeks will entail.

A little elbow grease and dreaming.  We are going to take the next few weeks and whip our homes back into shape.  Your whipping into shape may look different than mine and that is OK.  On my blog I'll be sharing what I'm doing and hopefully that will get the wheels turning on what you can do to bless your house.

Today we are going to start in our Master Bedroom.  Spend your extra time and attention this week in the Master Bedroom.  Declutter the surfaces first.  After everything is in order on the surface you can think about tackling drawers/under the bed/deep cleaning.  But don't stress, today put everything away that is on the surface (top of dressers, floors, night stands, bookshelves) in its place.  If it does not have a place find one.  If you don't love it enough to find a place (this is a good thing) get it out of your house.

Here is how our journey is going to take a different turn this year.  See this lovely picture below?  My man and I stayed here in October.  A real, live bed and breakfast and our windows opened to the sound of waves.  I have the inside scoop on creating a pampered haven, right at home.  This is my inspiration.  Getting my home to a place of feeling serene and allowing me to feel pampered.  Guess what the good news is?  I created this exact feeling in my home last February and it did not even involve a plane ticket.  I am so excited to love on my house a little and get rid of some things so it can breathe easier. 

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Kelsey said...

You're such an inspiration!! I am doing housework today and it is inspiring to read a blog where someone is so much like me -- I like organization, getting rid of things I do not use/ need & making things "sparkle." Love your blog! My cousin blogs, chaoticarkfamily -- that's how I found your blog!