Monday, January 10, 2011

We throw a mean snow day

Throwing a mean snow day is my spiritual gifting.  We even have super cool friends who will drive on the snowy roads to come hang out.

This picture makes me happy.  Footprints of friends coming over for fun and fellowship.
We even splurged and ordered the good pizza.


Sarah said...

We will be throwing one tomorrow I believe! (And to answer your questions...I had that slipcover on my couch made by a has held up well and covers major ugliness underneath!)

kinga @ blueloom said...

Love the picture of your front door on a snowy day. Here so much snow is just a normal day, everyone goes to school and work. This year, winter is pretty mild, no snow right now, and there was none for Christmas.

Thank you for your comment on our blog. Stay warm and enjoy the snow.
Not sure where you are in the States but we heard about snow in Atlanta. :)

Cheers from Ontario

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, snow days! Remember the ones you kida had in college at our house?? Such great memories! I still think about them when the snow comes. Sounds like you are still enjoying those snow days. Good for you.