Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inspiration Bedroom

This week as you breeze through your Master Bedroom be thinking about how you want the room to feel.  Your little sanctuary in the world.  A well made bed is a beautiful starting point.  Click here to see how white paint tranformed my traditional bedroom into Shabby Chic room last year. 

Words like serene, peaceful and romantic describe the feel I want for my room.  Wedgewood Gray is our wall color.  It reads like the most perfect blue I've ever seen.  Black furniture and white furniture look equally beautiful against its backdrop.
Today I have some surface decluttering to do.  Yesterday I got sidetracked doing laundry.  The thing I like in the next picture is the lighting.  Good lamps will create a world of change in your home.  Think Good Will and flea markets when you need new lamps.  Don't go pay $100.  You can do much better than that.  Think $10 and under.  The Wal-Marts sell a can of white spray paint for  $ .97.  Or you can go high dollar and go to Home Depot and get Rustoleum Heirloom White (I recommend) for right under $4.00.
The white and sunshing pouring into this room are perfect.  It is so warm and inviting.  The perfect place to spend time reading or napping with a soft blanket.

Take away the clutter visible to the eye in your bedroom.

Feather dust it all.


Light a candle.

Look around.  My school of thought is when you see something you don't love take it out.  Personally I'd rather see a blank space so I can be thinking about what I'd really love in that space.

Get a box or trash bag started in your garage marked GIVE AWAY or YARD SALE.

As you breeze through your home the next couple of weeks, when you see something you are done with in your home, get it out.

What words do YOU want to describe your bedroom?


Karen said...

I need to get my "finished look" in the master bedroom. Working on it though! I love looking at the way people make their beds. I read somewhere that the thick comforters are out the door - so this is why my eye was drawn to yours & the top picture. I only like a lightweight matelasse (my hubby really doesn't like anything bulky either). I'm dying for just the right thing up above the bed (haven't found it yet). You may can do a whole post on this one, girlfriend! Thanks for the pushing & inspiration!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Karen, we sold our down comforter in a yard sale last year and used the money to purchase a lightweight white matelasse coverlet and it is so pretty and easy to wash.

Very fresh and airy.

New Every Morning said...

I totally agree! My bedroom looks a little bare, but it is SO much better than clutter.
It's a relaxing retreat. :)

Jennifer said...

So I guess I need to get the Pack-and-Play out of the corner? But it makes such a nice place to pile clean laundry! :)