Monday, January 3, 2011

Here is how we tackle the putting away of decorations. 

Get on the same page.  Shane and I talked about our expectations for the day.  I asked if we could work side by side, one room at a time, cleaning as we went and Shane agreed.  We tidied up our master bathroom and bedroom first.  Cleaned, dusted and vacuumed it.  Next we did a general pick up all over the house.  We put the boys down for naps and tackled the kitchen.  Everything got a good washing in the kitchen.  The laundry kept going all day.
We opened all the windows to let the fresh air while we worked.  Bundled up because it was freezing but the air smelled so good.
I have been so excited to clear the front of the fridge of all the precious Christmas cards.  We put them all in a Ziplock freezer bag labeled 2010 and stored them with our decorations.  This is an easy way to look at them over the years.
This is what I'm most sad about, my garland over my bed.  I tried to put a nightlight in last night to recreate the same warm glow the garland had and it wasn't quite right.  This is on the back burner of my mind, creative ways to light this room.
My Winter Mantle-Ice Skate Central
Here are a few things I want to remember for Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year next year:
-Put up Christmas decorations October 31st or Nov 1st.  We love, love, love the ambiance of the lights and it is OK to put them up early on the front end of the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.  I know I can still be thankful among twinkle lights.
-Asking Shane to take the first Monday of the year off as a vacation day.  The Christmas let down is a bummer, but it is fun to know he'll be home that Monday and we can enjoy a fresh house.  This is the day we loung in our pj's and think about the New Year.
-The first Sunday of the year is a great day to take Christmas down (after Church).  We can work/clean/organize all day, be done by 5pm, then set aside $30 to order good pizza and have family fun night Sunday night and all day Monday

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Becke' said...

ahhh, a fresh slate, I mean mantle to work with! That has to be making you just plain giddy. I think 2nd Hesitations 2:1 says, "Thou shalt be thankful for the newness of a cleaned off mantle." hugs to you, bugs.