Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Full Moon

Welcome to a new segment on my blog called Life With Boys.  This segment will have to do with all things related to bodily parts, smells, sounds, Sports, Crazy Antics and all things non-girly.

Aaaaand we're potty training.  What can I say, kid will set the house alarm off to step out back to drain the ol' snake.  Please do pardon me, but if I am being quite honest this is a term that make us laugh uproariously around here.
You can imagine my shock and chagrin when we took a family shopping trip to the Wal-Marts last weekend to peruse the 75% Christmas sales.  It is no surprise that when I am in a retail environment I enter a Retail Therapy Induced Trance.  That is code for my eyes are diverted from my children periodically.  I take my eyes off Little Bit for 2 seconds so I can read a label and try to decipher if buying 7 small living Christmas trees to plant in my back yard which will grow up to 15 feet tall each is the right course of action for my $28 plus tax.

I look up and I'll be darned if I'm not looking at him standing similar to the picture below, only a full moon because he's got on a shorter shirt.  He has stepped forward to open the sliding doors in the Lawn & Garden dept.  Apparently he felt this was 'outside enough' to drop his drawers and drain the ol' snake.

My Superhero husband swept him up and took him to Men's to finish business in a more high class manner.  Can you get kicked out of the Wal-Marts if you pee out in Lawn & Garden?  Well, don't ask me,  we didn't exactly follow through.
(p.s. in case you are wandering, no, i did not buy an insane amount of garganchoo trees just because they were a steal...even I have limits)


Kelli Stuart said...

HYSTERICAL! I'll have to plagiarize that term - my husband will think I'm brilliantly funny haha :D And don't feel like you're alone - my friend's 4 year old boy peed in a water fountain at a trec chic hotel!

Jena said...

Noah did this at Magic Springs into the pool as many horrified mothers stared at me. What do you do?

Amy said...

Oh my GOODNESS!! I am LOL at this one!!! Just something I have to look forward to, I guess!

Reflections by the Hill said...

ROTFLOL! That is too funny!

the Fosters said...

Hilarious Anna! You can't make that one up! Love it!!

Leslie said...

Now see, this is a world I have yet to step into. Thanks for the heads up on how a boy,ahem goes peepee.=)