Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tater Tot Frenzy

I guess I should begin by saying that this year I am having more fun which leads me to last night.  I was at the Wal-Marts and ran across the Tator Tots.  They are capitalized because for far too long they have not been shown the proper respect they deserve.  They are a perfectly acceptable accompaniment to many, many a meal.  Even breakfast, a hashbrown of sorts if you will.  Well, on the way home from the Wal-Marts I passed a house that was decked out in blue Christmas lights.  You can imagine how beautiful they looked in the snow.  I walk in, grab up the boys and put them in the bus to go see.  This is part of the fun, spontaneous me this year.  No matter that the baby is screaming because the child freaks out if he has no shoes on when we're in the car.  I asked Mr. Sunshine is he'd go ahead and throw some Tator Tots into the oven and we'd be right back.

You can imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw the ginormous amount of Tot Action that had entered my oven.  Honey, have you invited people we don't know about?  Naw, you just said put the Tots into the oven.  Wow.  He was right.  I had indeed said that.
When life hands you absurd amounts of Tator Tots you should load them up the next day and have a Twice Baked Tator Tot Explosion complete with chili, cheese, relish, mustard and onions and no I am not pregnant but thank you so kindly for thinking it.
Tasty if I do say so myself.  And since no Tator Tot post is complete without a photo of a well-dressed chair I leave you with this...Mr. Sunshine did this while I was away at Bible Study this morning.  Look at the quad-fecta of pillows he arranged on our chair.  Pretty huh?  Blue/Green/Brown/Stripe/Floral/ZigZag. 


{lori beth} said...

The tater tots look delish! Take off the onions and throw some sour cream on those bad boys and I would have went to town! Call me next time the hubs decides to cook too much! :)

New Every Morning said...

My husband believes that Tater Tots are the supreme side dish. I'm not a fan, but I do keep them handy for nights my children seem to have a bottomless pit for stomachs. ;)

Give your man kudos for the pillow display. I am sure they will stay undisturbed for ... 3 minutes. Right?