Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spruced Up

Last week as I was browsing decorating pictures I came across one and they had put a small table in front of a window.  I immediately loved the look.  It was cozy and warm.  Anytime you can put a lamp against a wall so that the lamplight reflects up and down on the wall do it.  The light floods the wall and adds instant warmth to your room.
Do you see my fifty cent column peeking out from behind the lamp?  I painted it black and green and distressed it with paint.  I also spruced up the lamp shade with ribbon and fringe.  The custom look cost mere dollars to create.
The lamp below used to be a gold buffet lamp.  I spray painted it white and added a scalloped edge shade that I got from my Mamaw at our yard sale last year.  Also notice what the lamp is sitting on.  A nightstand from our bedroom suite.  Breaking up our bedroom furniture by moving it around in other rooms has really added to the look of our home.  It makes your home look layered instead of like you walked into the furniture showroom and said I'll take that set and that one.  The small table in front of the window is a small dining room table covered with a Waverly table cloth.  One chair of the set is at the table, two of the set are on either side of the table you see below and the fourth chair is in my bathroom at my vanity.
The best way you can spruce up your house is by shopping your house first.  Look around and see if you love how you've laid out your space.  See if you have a piece of furniture that may be fun somewhere else.


Leslie said...

Where'd you put your other chair? The table looks like a great place to sip orange juice and eat a morning bagel while doing your study.

New Every Morning said...

Love it! It looks so French shabby-chic! So inviting!!!

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

It's amazing how fresh & new your home can look by just moving some furniture & accessories from one room to another. And of course, a can of spray paint is a decorator's best friend! :-)

Thanks for checking out my house tour over at Blueloom. I like that you called it chic :-)