Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If you've haven't heard of Mrs. Meyers trust me.  Go to the Wal-Marts and check out Lemon Verbena.  It is the most fresh and clean smell and it makes your kitchen sparkle.

If you look at it and don't feel love towards it toss it.


New Every Morning said...

I. am. inspired.
Dropping everything (well, after I finish this post) and heading to the kitchen.

You always make me laugh when you say "the Walmarts". So funny!

Karen said...

I dropped back by to see your simplified and spotless "heart of the home". Love the lamp over by the cookbooks! I've got thingy for lamps and their warm glow. Thanks for stopping by today and yes my sweetheart designed and built the deck. Still lacking a little here & there (but nothing a good crop job on the pictures) won't cover up. :) Thanks for your sweet comments. I've been in those same shoes of yours (only had two boys) though. Enjoy the moments!